[Not a Bug] "This Fox Rocks" event not working as announced

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I was expecting to encounter Inari every sixth battle, similar to previous events that used the 5 standard battles at equal odds, 1 special battle setup. Apparently this isn’t the case, whether Inari shows up or not seems to be player dependent, with some players getting an Inari encounter every 15 - 30 battles, other players not meeting Inari even after close to 100 battles.

This doesn’t just seem to be a poorly worded announcement. In the past, the game always made sure to give all players the same sequence of battles. It looks like something is broken for the Inari encounter, causing it to get skipped arbitrarily. Please check, this has a huge impact on event scoring. Without the highest scoring encounter rewards are MUCH more difficult to unlock, requiring guilds to spend thousands of extra gems.

Edit: On a wild guess, the game is handing out 5 standard battles at equal odds, then has a very low chance to give each player individually a sixth battle against Inari. This would totally contradict how events have been run so far, as per community request implemented several years ago the battle sequence is supposed to be the same for all players.


I have tested it on 2 account, both in the same guild, both bought tier 4. No lost battles.
Both accounts got the first Inari fight after 40 battles.
It is RARE indeed, and it is ridiculous thar it isnt the same for all. What info havn’t they given us?
But I noticed that an Inari troop appeared in some Fenrir fights
They did say it was a rare battle, but that is ridiculous.


I haven’t had an Inari battle offered after 50 battles played in the world event, not fun at all :slightly_frowning_face:

I had Inari as first battle.
At the moment I think I meet two or three in all; I bought tier 4.

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Wondering if anyone has received more than the base amount of points from the very rare Inari battles?

So far, the few I have got have all awarded 10 tracks/50 points :frowning_face:

150 for my only Inary battle (game 41 of 50).

Lucky , I bought to Tier 5 and used up all my sigils and still no inari

I didn’t realize this was even a thing til I saw this post. I’ve only seen one Inari battle and I got 10 tracks. Bought tier 3 and finished through today’s sigils, so 1 battle in 3 days.

Yeah, I got 15 tracks.

I personally got 3 Inari battles out of 80 battles


I’ve reached out to the development team to see what the intended behaviour of the Inari battles appearing is and see if this is a bug.

As soon as I have an update I’ll let you all know!

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I didn’t get my first Inari battle until my 41st battle. Got 10 tracks.

Hey everyone,

I’ve heard back from the development team about how the Inari battles are designed to appear and how they are appearing is correct and this isn’t a bug.

Some changes were made for the “This Fox Rocks” event to the frequency of how often rare battles appear. This was done as it was found that rare battles were appearing much more often than they should in these events.

Looking at the official news post for the “This Fox Rocks” event we can see that this change wasn’t communicated clearly enough. We’ll make sure that any changes like this done to future world events are presented in a clearer fashion.

Thank you for all the comments made on the thread. I have collected it as feedback and passed it on to the developers.

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So… we get another secret gem sink in WEs week after week? Please ask the devs one more thing: why are you basing your decisions on the 1% top guilds filled with end-gamers, who have tons of gems to spare and to spend on WEs, and punishing new players and guilds friendly to them, who don’t earn enough resources to contribute enough to finish all rewards? T0-T1-T2 average was okay, T4 as the average is definitely NOT okay, especially if this is to become a weekly requirement. First the silent and not communicated anywhere extension of the interval between Vault events, which I believe is the only event that is truly friendly to new players and allows them to catch up a little with the accounts that are several years old, and now this? Why?


So: is the apparent change whereas players no longer seem to be seeing the same battles (based on player reports in this thread) also an intended change, or an IP2programming™ side-effect?

For almost 3 years, World Events have been working as described by Mithran below:

So if there has been any deliberate change (à la “now we use autobans but didn’t tell you” or the Vault Event periodicity fiasco), it would be good to inform players…

…otherwise might wanna check if the code still gives all players the same battles, even when some are rarer than others.
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So, how ARE they designed to appear?

Changing the frequency doesn’t explain why some players aren’t getting any Inari battles at all. If the frequency had just been lowered, all players would still encounter Inari after the same number of battles. Going by your response this is a severe issue the development team is still unaware of. I’ll open a new bug report so this can be handled in an adequate way.

Edit: Linking bug report.


I like your tenacity :sweat_smile:


Just what this game needed…more RNG. Awesome!!!


To clarify, I don’t have a problem with rare battles actually being rare. But I DO have a problem with rare battles appearing for some players but not others. Please fix this.


Bought tier 4, played 66 battles and never had an Inari battle show up. This is either an unintentional bug, or an intentional gem sink.