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Fox on the Run

Originally published at: http://gemsofwar.com/fox-on-the-run/
Can you catch the Spirit Fox?

New Troop: Spirit Fox

Spirit Foxes are rare creatures from Maugrim Woods, difficult to see at night, and impossible to find by day. It’s said that if you can catch one, you’ll have 7 years of good luck… starting right after he chews your hand off.

Please note this Event only applies to Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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Mercy’s worst nightmare. Cool.

This should really shake up the meta

Good, it is Purple/Green!
Oh no, it’s ultra-rare!

Seems good.

It will shake up the Maw meta. The Mab meta is completely untouched

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It’s already in the Gems Database:



Does the damage or mana drain scale with magic? Nevermind @Lyya answered my question!

Love the artwork and love his skill! :slight_smile:


Yes, very much so.

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The Mab meta at least gives players time to prepare. I don’t think there are any Fast or Empowered -->blue/–>purple transformers, so you can play the denial game for a while.

Yes, my next team (i do not have green seer) will be
valkyre ***
giant spider***
spirit fox***
spirit fox***

There’s an Empowered Yellow transformer you can use to charge Valkyrie, who would then charge the Mabs.

Even without Mercy, Valkyrie needs only 10 Mana

@Sirrian - offically news now? :smiley:

I tried to snipe him when he posted, wasn’t allowed :laughing:

Yes. From what I remember, there is a bug with the forums not always adding these front page and Facebook posts into the correct category.


Called this one last night in Global. But to be honest I feel like this was the obvious choice based on the cards in game that are not yet released. Looking forward to this though :smiley: Been saving my glory up from PVP.

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I lost all my pvp stuff this week but at least i was able to do what i wanted with the pvp/glory side of things.

No weekly tweaks, enhancements, nerfs etc???

Shortest ‘official news’ I’ve ever seen…


Well technically not ‘official news’ yet