Inari not appearing in World Event

“There are 6 battles that players can encounter during the event: Spirit Fox, Inari, Fenrir, Forest Guardian, Kerberos, and Wulfgarok. The first 5 battles to appear are randomly chosen, but they all have an equal chance of appearing on the map. The battle against Inari is a rare battle that may appear on the map, but only 1 Inari will ever appear at a time. It gives extra rewards”
This implies that Inari is supposed to be every 6th battle (as many WE have done in the past). However, this is not the case as myself and many others in my guild have done multiple battles past six and Inari does not show up at all.
One guild member said Inari appeared in ONE of 72 battles.
The world event is already a bad one since Wargare is one of the weakest spell damaging troops and has no Wargare hero either, without withholding the highest scoring drop.
And I’m not even sure about filing a bug report since A) It doesn’t actually SAY Inari shows up every 6th battle, it only implies it and B) It won’t do any good anyway.
Hard pass on WE this week.


The same here!

Tier IV, 17 sigils plus ravens - 0 lnari.

I got 1 after 19 battles

I’ll open a bug report for it. It’s bad enough that scoring rules aren’t available in-game, we should at the very least be told about it correctly in the official announcement.


2nd Inari after 40 battles

0 Inari for me off a Tier III purchase, so base battles + 9 from shop + a few valravens.

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Linking the bug report:

I do not understand it to be an Inari battle every 6th battles, it does say it is a rare battle.
But with that said I have tested it on 2 account, both in the same guild, both bought tier 4. No lost battles.
Both accounts got the first Inari fight after 40 battles.
It is RARE indeed, and it is ridiculous thar it isnt the same for all. What info havn’t they given us?
But I noticed that an Inari troop appeared in some Fenrir fights.

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Let’s be fair. Since they don’t play or understand their own game, how can they be expected to give us complete/correct info???


Got my first after 40 battles too

I’m not sure if there is an English reading problem, or a wishful reading problem, or a general entitlement problem. However, believe I did see an Inari in a separate fight. Will keep a lookout.

Tier 4 buy, no missed ravens, 1 Inari.

Theres a few that have mentioned.
One after 40 battles, that would count as rare.
The description doesnt say one every 6 battles.

Are all you guys, just complaining to complain.

Theres no bug. And your assuming to get one after 6 battles.

This thread is a waste of time.
But do carry on.

Ps. This forums getting worse.
Is anyone ever happy.
Its just a game.


Well from your post I can tell, you didnt read all replies here.
I never expected there to be an Inari fight for every 6th battle I won.
But to get 1 fight after 40 battles isnt just “rare” in GoW standard.
If you are new to this game and the direction the game has been taking for a while, with bugs that replaced another bug, misinformation or no information and its all about sucking money out if the players- gameplay and player experience doesn’t matter anymore - then I understand why you think we are “just” complaining because we can.


Level 1392

Not new.

And yes iv read all the issues , the devs are poor.

But with all the major issues in this game.

This thread is about a rare troop appearing.
I feel its useless.
But carry on.

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And theres a 99 percent chance.
That its not a bug and designed that way.

But good luck.

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How about you stop engaging with posts you deem to be useless?

Would save you and everyone else time.

Just don’t read them, don’t post in them… Move on.


Were that the case they would have said that directly, like they did with Haunted Tower and Eternal Elemaugrim which did follow a structure of team X every Y battles.

compare the description of Werebat’s event which was structured almost identical to this:

World Event: Dark Moon Rising

There are 5 battles that players can encounter during the event: Vargouille, Werebat, Sanguinia, Crimson Bat, and Draakulis. The battles are randomly chosen, but they all have an equal chance of appearing on the map. The battle against the Werebat is a rare battle that may appear on the map, but only 1 Werebat will ever appear at a time.

And note, 1 in 6 is not exactly a “rare” appearance.

I think the intended reading is that of the six possible teams to fight, the “first 5” refer to (a) Spirit Fox, (b) Fenrir, (c) Forest Guardian, (d) Kerberos, and (e) Wulfgarok whose encounter rates are equal to each other, while Inari is a rare battle that may appear, but only 1 at a time.

…or to phrase it in RNG terms:

  • Each team (other than Inari) has a 20% chance of being selected
  • On rare occasions one Inari team will appear on the map

I think the issue here is how they prepare the official posts: they seem to list off the possible teams in Base Rarity order, when sometimes it’s not the Mythic team that’s the designated “rare” encounter.

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You seem to engage in every post.

When do you have time to play the game.
You just seem to complain 24 hours a day.

Poor boy.

Jealous? If you’d whine less, you’d have more time, too.

I can also read, process information, and type really fast. Sorry in case you can’t.

Also, unlike you, I only engage in posts I think are relevant to me somehow. Gives me more time as well.