These dragons never give up :)

No joke, i had to kill them 11x lol


What type dragon are they ?

Dragon soul

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Nice video Ricky.
How much xp was it worth again?

It gave me 240 xp :slight_smile:


I dont believe the 25% chance to resuscitate. More like 50% imo.

No “Mana Surge” in French? :frowning:

Really no idea how we say that in french lol

Yeah, just like the 10% death mark chance is probably more in the region of 30%

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This guy might know.


Those Dragon souls want to be heard lol I had one that came back 4 times!

I forgot this game had music while you play. Them dragons get on my nerves, the Kraken should’ve came with a 100% chance of devouring dragons for this same reason, yes it should’ve. :sweat_smile: The Kraken is still strong tho’.:+1:

I wish they had kept the original 3rd trait of The Dragon Soul (wich was to transform an ally into a new Dragon Soul 100% of the time instead of resurecting on an empty spot 25% of the time), it was funnier (but too buggy)