Themed Skulls turn off option

So, I would like to suggest that there be an option to turn off the themed skulls. As I logged into the game today, I saw the skulls were clown themed. Now I have no problem with this, other than to say that they look a little ridiculous but to me its liveable. To someone who has, say, a fear of clowns, this would be something that could seriously put someone off playing the game. Im not sure on the name of the fear but there are those afraid of clowns (as seen in news a few years back). There have been other themed skulls in the past that have been Spiders etc. I happen to know people that cant even stand the sight of a spider, let alone go near one, even a virtual one. So maybe, for those who want the choice, can keep the funny themed skulls, or turn off the themes and just have regular skulls and doomskulls in the options. Hopefully this isnt the most ridiculous suggestion, but I believe it makes sense. Thanks for reading.

There is. Settings-> Festive themes.


On the same note, I would like to have an option to buy festive skull to keep it even when it is not in any event. Looking at the old skull become boring after sometime.


Would be nice if there would be more options to personalize the games appearance! I don’t usually turn of the festive skulls, but this time it made it a bit more difficult to see green gem matches…


Yes, I happened to like the Spider ones. It would be a bit of a money maker for them im sure


Exactly, as the festive skull have already been design, it should not be hard to code the options to set them as default skull appearance

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