St. Patrick's skulls cute - when is next holiday with cute skulls?

I thought the leprechaun skulls were adorable yesterday. Will there be future holidays that will have those type of cute skulls more than a day?


Yeah I was thinking and maybe they knew this would be brought up, but now that we know what they are capable of doing, how about selling packs in the store with different skull options to choose from?

Probably will never happen, but would be pretty cool. Either way I look forward to more holiday events.

They teased us, and it was over too soon. :cry:

But awesome work by the Devs, little things like that help keep the game fresh.


We have plans to do more gem changes for future holiday events. I’m not sure if it will be all gems or just some gems, as it’s something we’re experiementing with at the moment.


I also liked the Holiday themed board. It made the game seem like new.

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They were pretty, sure, but playing like that felt disorienting, the unfamiliar gem design made it harder to see matches and combos.

It’s probably fine if done once in a while, but please don’t change them too frequently or it become a challenge to play. Otherwise, if possible, I’d prefer other parts of the game be changed and not the gems.


I’d cautiously welcome the idea: in concept, yes, please, all good fun… but the St Patrick’s Day ones had green and yellow gems too similar, and I also found it made it harder to see things and to play… so please make sure colours are tweaked such that there’s enough visual difference still…

I liked the skulls variety. I can take or leave the changes to the colored gems because I did not notice them that much