Get them off now!

My skulls have changed from normal to erm rabbit looking skulls and they look shocking, can the game change them back? Who gives the nod to change items on the game as i think they look rubbish why not change the green to grapes…the yellow to bananas the red to apples and the brown to turn looking symbals! While your at it.

No doubt someone said “ive got a great idea lets have easter skulls” no mate it looks rubbish! Jesus must be turning in his grave! He didnt get stoned for this!!

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Unfortunately you cannot turn them off on console so you’ll have to wait it out until it passes.

Lol it will be ok. Just give it a week lmao.


After Easter the skulls will revert to normal. We frequently have holiday themed skulls. (We are working on a feature to turn them off if you don’t want them in the future.)

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How about you FIX the option to WORK like it’s supposed to in the menus??? Oh that’s right, negative bugs don’t get fixed, only ones that benefit the players get fixed immediately.
Have you fixed the name change bug that shows a zero cost yet salty??? Didn’t think so

Fixing the bug that happens with name changes is on our list and should be rectified with the next update.

We fix many bugs each time we release an update, and many of these need one to be put out. As such, sometimes new bugs fixes can’t be released as they are found, and must wait for a consequent update.

Yet somehow gnomes being too plentiful or raids numbers being wrong is fixed in 24 hours… Yet somehow INCREASING the rewards to make these lackluster events worth it is gonna take "more time for research.
Or like rising through brackets in GW… needs more research…

These were fixes that were more easily implemented server side. But I digress, it’s nearly midnight here and nothing I say or the team accomplishes will change your views.

For everyone else, alongside the new features in the next update we will be releasing a list of bug fixes that we are currently working on.

@Icarium81 Calm down man. I get that things are frustrating, but try and approach the situation with some tact. Salty is our social communicator, not the dev working on the back end making all of these changes, so lashing out at her isn’t going to get what you’d like enacted.

However, having an even temper and clearly conveying to her what it is that you do or don’t like, will make her more likely to take your feedback back to the other devs that may then listen.

Yelling at people has never proven the most effective way of getting what you want. And just serves to make people feel bad. They’re making a game that you play, and (guessing) that you enjoy playing. Give constructive feedback, don’t be mean about it, and trust that they’ll do the right thing by the players.


@Raphius is absolutely correct. This is the best way to help us help you AND further improve the game. :slight_smile:

Yes they might get around to it in months… considering folks have informed me that it’s been reported for over a year



Of all the things to freak out about, I really don’t think “Easter skulls” is at the top of anyone’s list. They are only here for a week, they will be gone in no time. If they bother you that much, you could always just play Treasure Map until they revert back to normal lol.