THE WOLFFE PACK is recruiting! Up and coming new[ish] Guild~! 5/20 Members


The Wolffe Pack is looking for new members!


We are a fairly new guild, looking to add active members willing to contribute towards both our Trophy count, and our Task bank! Small amounts welcome, as every little helps!

We are a friendly lot, currently accepting ALL levels and abilities :slight_smile:

Your Guildmaster [me =p] is very active, playing at least once a day, and contributing gold regularly.

We have a no tolerance policy for rudeness and profanity in the Chat section, and offending players will be removed.

Above all, we’re here for fun and camaraderie :slight_smile:

If you want to be added, or if you have any questions, please leave a message below!




Current standing in the table is 5864 - looking for people to help boost the rank!

We are lvl 11, Silver III, holding 391 trophies, with a daily gold bonus of +20%.

All mastery bonuses currently stand at +4 each.

We are looking to get further with YOUR help!

Hey, if you are still recruiting I’d like to join. I’m lvl 58, play pretty much every day, still working my way through the story. Invite code is DEIRDRE_10. Thanks :slight_smile: