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Schattenwölfe is looking for active members

We are looking for new longterm members.
This is our - and maybe your future - guild:
level 687, rank 132, some LT’s weekly, bracket 12.
These are our minimum weekly requirements:

  • 1100 seals
  • gold depends on your level (lvl 0-299 no gold that you have enough to level your kingdoms, level 300-599 - 250k gold, level 600+ - 400k gold, level 1000+ - 600k gold)
  • all guild war fights of the week - if you dont have the time to play this day finish the guild wars before the reset
    *help with all guild events
  • join our discord.

At the moment we have 3 spaces.

We are a active and pretty relaxed guild, we have fun in our discord-guild-chat and help each other. Our members are from Europe and America and we speak english in the chat.

If you are interested or have further questions add me on discord:ClaudiKruemel#9971

I highly recommend Schattenwolfe!

Thank you Saluki :slight_smile:

We have 4 spaces atm and about 3 inactive atm. So we think about a merge with another, maybe lower leveled guild that we out all our active members together.

We are still looking for new members


For a great guild!

Good luck!