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The Sun will NOT be available via event keys

Just a heads up to everyone: Salty confirmed in stream last night that the Sun will not be available with event keys.

Looks like it is only in the Vault. :scream: Edit: Actually, not sure if it’s only found in the Vault. I think someone found it in legendary tasks already. I assume it won’t be found with other keys (glory, guild, or gem keys) since it isn’t with event keys though.

Get your ascension orbs ready!

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The number of exceptions not caught by the ‘Kingdom’ filter is getting a bit unwieldy.

No doom troops, no guild wars troops, no campaign troops unless they’re mythics and only 4 weeks after their respective campaign has ended.

Yet all of these show up with the ‘Kingdom’ filter in place?

Is there going to be an official page listing all exceptions I can direct newer player towards?


I was well past level 1000 before I realized that gold keys couldn’t get you the GW troops. I didn’t know they were GW exclusives. These exclusive troops should have their own kingdom IMO. It doesn’t have to be a place where players can visit, it can be something like Apocalypse or Guardians. GW troops could be from the Stadium, tarot cards could be from Arcana. Dunno, I’m not a storywriter, but something like that. Just something that signals “hey, there’s something unique about how to get these troops”.

If the goal of these troops is just to add to the pool for a specific kingdom for power progression, like the Sun with Suncrest, it could be a dual kingdom like how faction troops are. Faction troops count towards kingdom power but the card signals there’s a unique way to obtain it.

I imagine quite a few players will be wasting keys trying to get these troops not realizing they won’t drop. This is a bigger problem to me than how rare it will be in the Vault.


It was during the first week or two of actual release during the campaign. I doubt it was intended. And considering no other vault troops can be found in LT (as far as I know) it will no longer be the case.


Yeah, I forgot to ask in stream about it. Whoops.

I would say if it stays in LT, it’d be so rare that one shouldn’t even consider it. But, will it actually be more rare than a Vault drop especially after the remaining tarot cards are added, assuming there will be future ones?

If you’re asking me. I’m under the belief that it’s no longer in LT. I just can’t remember with 100% certainty recall if Cedric has ever been in LT before or not. I feel like if people got Heart of Rage from a LT it would of been big news.

The Sun was in LT for a time due to it being a Suncrest troop. So we were fooled… And the game was fooled into thinking it was going to be a normal troop.

The devs decided otherwise. 🤷

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I think this did happen, but they rolled it back.

Might have been Enraged Kurandara, though. Entirely possible I’m misremembering. I just could’ve sworn something got rolled back when Campaigns were introduced…

there are 22 major arcana cards in tarot, are we going to have 22 tarot cards in GoW? we have Justice already as guild guardian

As opposed to Shards and (Chaos) Shards or Gems and Gems in Gems of War? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Both Kurandara and Heart of Rage were in regular chests for a day or two, and people who pulled them got them taken away (and were initially shortchanged with their compensation, leading to a forum/social media outcry)