The Shrine

why is it that when it is full of coins that in order to get what we need we have to pay for it, that is not right and a waste of money? How can I turn the shrine off?


You can’t get rid of the Shrine or the in-game notification for it. It’s there to catch your eye and remind you of its existence repeatedly so that you want to buy it.


nope, won’t be doing that. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, I mean, providing more options for those willing to spend money is nice and well, but this thing really needs to be buried in the shop section.


I find it funny that it gives you a timer that the shrine will run out. Buy this deal in next 48 hours before time runs out!!! Then the time runs out, and the deal is still there. Buy this deal in the next 72 hours before time runs out!!! Then time runs out, and the deal is still still there. Rinse and repeat.

In fairness I’m sure I read somewhere that the shrine is bugged, because I know the achievement isn’t popping for anyone either, so this is surely not working as intended.

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It is working as intended. As soon as you fill the shrine, the timer counts down 48 hours. If you do not buy it in 48 hours, the shrine resets and you get to fill it again. Once filled… rinse and repeat. It’s meant to annoy/remind you that there’s constantly an offer, just like flash offer pops up every now and then to remind you that you could spend money.

As for the achievement, no idea since I don’t plan to spend on the shrine so can’t confirm whether or not it works for me. But others have said that part is bugged.


The Shrines and War Coins are nothing more than a cash grab targeted at new players. Even if I had that kind of disposable income, the prices for them are to high.

I can grind 100,000 gold in 30-60 minutes and based on my luck the 2 chaos orbs would just give me orbs of clans which are useless to me. The shrine should be $2 at most to be any type of incentive to buy, not $10. That’s just highway robbery.

And the fact that War Coins were not given to end game players who’ve completed all the Kingdoms quest lines is messed up. Having them only be earnable by new players who haven’t started the quest line yet is a slap in the face to end game players. If you are going to do that, then let us reset a Kingdoms quest line and start it over so that we can earn them as well. Or don’t charge money for them in the store by in-game currency like gems or glory instead.

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Now, imagine being an end gamer AND an Android user…


The shrine does not reset though after the 48 hours, it remains full and does not need refilling again. At least for me anyway, unless I’m literally filling up the shrine immediately after reset (which is possible I suppose). The reward is always exactly the same though, which leads me to believe it is not resetting (again, unless this is actually intended, but I would assume that there would be different offers each time the shrine is filled?).

Purchase of the shrine isn’t necessary to gain the achievement, you are only meant to fill it to achieve conditions of the achievement. The achievement has been gained by 0.00% of people so far, and I assume that at least a few people would have bought it buy now.

Therefore not working as intended.

I am, so can see from both points of view. Xbox end gamer with only 35 war coins, android new player with over 200 war coins.

There is only one type of Shrine right now: 100k gold and 2 major chaos orbs. After the countdown ends, it should become empty again, requiring another 100k gold to fill (you’ll also see the additional “bonus shrine gold” after each fight until it’s filled). If your Shrine remains filled after the 48 hours, then it is indeed a bug.


Maybe it’s burnt into the screen it’s been there so long.

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