Shrines on PS4

Hello, adventurers.

I’ve seen a lot of posts from players on PS4 discussing the lack of Shrines compared to other consoles. We sent out a global mail explaining the situation, but they can be missed. The global mail reads:

“Hello Adventurer, Unfortunately our new Shrine and War Coin in-game purchases are currently waiting for approval from Sony. We hope it won’t be long before you can enjoy these new features.”

We are aiming to have Shrines and War Coins approved and released by the 25th of December. (Christmas!!!) This is only a rough estimate, so please bear that in mind if it happens a little sooner or later.

Thank you for (re) clarifying.

Why is it that every new update makes the game more and more pay to win?


I hope Sony will never approve your greed and disband your “exciting idea” of the Shrines. Truly.


If Sony doesn’t approve of Money being used for Shrines then it’ll be converted to a Gem cost instead just for the PlayStation platform.

Which if it is was for Gems on every platform, it would be a much better and reasonable idea. But it being for straight money makes it another dead in the water idea from some dumb ass who is lucky to be on 505’s payroll.

Wasnt the PS4 the only plattform where you can buy the big dungeon offer for gems instead of money?
Same reason called Sony? :thinking:

Yep, Sony have certain policies about real money purchases.

Same reason why Playstation GoW players get gem keys instead of actual gems in Flash Offers.