The Night Angels are looking for 10 active players on XBOX One

The Night Angels are looking for active players on XBOX One

We are ranked 93 on the leaderboard’s (We were as low as 45 need to move back up)

We just cleared some people out and are in need of 10 active players

Platinum level one
Masteries all +7

Please be around level 25
Please don’t be inactive for more than 7 days. If you need to just let us know.
No other requirements just contribute gold and trophies that is all we ask

We have a Facebook group set up for any questions or concerns you may have once you join.

Leave your information and we will send an invite

Thank You

Hi, I joined a guild right off the bat and have since carried the guild on my back.

I am level 95…by the time you read this maybe 100.

My contributions are averaging 70,000 gold a week and 120+ trophies.

My xbox ID is rashadow
Im 36 years old and will play this game until I die :smile:

Invite code DEREK_6

I will send you an invite asap

will look after my game ends :smile:

I quit my other guild…didnt know you could not invite if i was a member of another.
Invite code is the same

I will be home shortly give me like 45 minutes

All good buddy…im on for another 3 hours at least anyway…just building up for gold to show my dedication to breaking top 10…

Invite sent

joined…putting in a few thousand right now…did you add

joined facebook as well

Any chance you could get admin to approve my facebook…I know the answer to losing levels after a trophy winner leaves

No, don’t have contact with him. He is usually pretty fast though. I believe they stay at the Guild what is your thought?

Did I add rashadow on what? Live?

Hmm just first impression just now…with the guild being so large it takes a fair few gold to get the tasks, (getting the tasks helps morale so players keep playing), if we make the team smaller its better but if its this size and we need to recruit reasonably actively…I would drop size and even if we have 3 or 4 really active guys well fight for top spots…get top 20 we will find it easier to get active players…trust…im a game changer mate.

Yeah xbox live rashadow…not ra2shadow

You can change the size of the guild? I am not the guild leader I’m second the name you can’t read foe some reason. The level 58. Can tell you are a game changer. I thought I was putting a lot of time in this game.

You are a bit ahead of us. But hope to soon get a few more people to really get this thing going.

Sorry you did not stay.

If you are still looking for someone can you add me.

My code is: ROYAL

I sent a invite