The next class to come out will complete every Kingdom having a class

When the next class comes out, it will fulfill the last Kingdom (Sin of Maraj) class. However, it won’t fill in for the troop types still missing classes. See the two tables below. The first is a table of all the classes in the game, their kingdom, and their troop type. The second table is all the troop types and associated classes. Construct, Elemental, and Wargare have no associated classes. Meanwhile, some types have three classes each.

Class Kingdom Type
Warden Maugrim Woods Beast
Oracle Divinion Fields Centaur
Sorcerer Karakoth Daemon
Diabolist Blighted Lands Daemon
Doomsayer Sin of Maraj Daemon
Priest Whitehelm Divine
Dragonguard Dragon’s Claw Dragon
Runepriest Khaziel Dwarf
Slayer Dhrak-Zum Dwarf
Orbweaver Zhul’Kari Elf
Archer Forest of Thorns Elf
Monk Shentang Elf
Frostmage Glacial Peaks Fey
Hierophant Bright Forest Fey
Titan Stormheim Giant
Warlord Broken Spire Giant
Thief Zaejin Goblin
Warpriest Leonis Empire Human
Plaguelord Darkstone Human
Knight Sword’s Edge Knight
Mechanist Adana Mech
Tidecaller Merlantis Merfolk
Dervish Drifting Sands Monster
Archmagus Silverglade Mystic
Assassin Mist of Scales Naga
Barbarian Grosh-Nak Orc
Sunspear Pridelands Raksha
Corsair Blackhawk Rogue
Stormcaller Suncrest Stryx
Shaman Wild Plains Tauros
Deathknight Ghulvania Undead
Necromancer Khetar Undead
Sentinel Urskaya Urska
Bard Pan’s Vale Wildfolk
Troop Type Class1 Class2 Class3
Beast Warden x x
Centaur Oracle x x
Construct x x x
Daemon Diabolist Sorcerer Doomsayer
Divine Priest x x
Dragon Dragonguard x x
Dwarf Runepriest Slayer
Elemental x x x
Elf Orbweaver Archer Monk
Fey Frostmage Hierophant x
Giant Titan Warlord x
Goblin Thief x x
Human Warpriest Plaguelord x
Knight Knight x x
Mech Mechanist x x
Merfolk Tidecaller x x
Monster Dervish x x
Mystic Archmagus x x
Naga Assassin x x
Orc Barbarian x x
Raksha Sunspear x x
Rogue Corsair x x
Stryx Stormcaller x x
Tauros Shaman x x
Undead Deathknight Necromancer x
Urska Sentinel x x
Wargare x x x
Wildfolk Bard x x

I played an RPG a while ago where you could not only choose your character’s class, but also their race. Anyone remember this?

I’m hoping that in their extreme long term plans they will do more new classes with future new kingdoms.

I think Type is chosen according to the kingdom not the Class.

So which Type fits more the Class Kingdom (I look for the number of troops of the Type by kingdom):

  • Construct: none :frowning: aside if devs make Guardians a kingdom
  • Elemental: Broken Spires so Warlord
  • Wargare: Maugrim Woods so Warden but then Beast lost is only class… and Barrier from FG…
  • then Beast: Forest of Thorns again but Archer Beast…

An elemental class that gives 50% start to all elementals would be nice. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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An elemental class at all…