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The New 0rder [29/30] recruits new members! Weekly events always fully completed. 40k seals & all basic tasks - easily done. Req: 500k gold + activity

Our guild has many experienced and helpful players (almost everyone at levels 1100+). All members are actively playing.
40k seals every week & all basic tasks completed. All guardians at level 200. The guild is in the highest possible league. Weekly events always fully completed = lots of valuable rewards :sunglasses:
We require activity in weekly events and min 500k gold. No discord req. Level 800+

The New 0rder

Join us in the game or send me a message.

Together we are stronger! :muscle:

hello i am interested in joining (SYBA_K2BD)…i’m cyrrently lvl 609 and very active and believe i would make a good addition to your team ; VIP 10 ; and what else would you like to know? ty again

Hi sybastyan. I can’t send you an invitation until you leave your current guild. If you still want to join us, leave your guild and let me know. Best regards!

[EDIT] Thanks for joining us! :ok_hand:

I’m looking for a new guild because my old guild kept raising the requirements and I couldn’t keep up! They needed 1-1.5 million a week and while I managed for a while, the game was starting to feel like a chore and I just want to play for fun! I’m level 1226, often get 2000 seals but sometimes on a busy work week as low as 1200. I would like to only have to donate 600k a week so I can get back to playing because I want to and not because I’m worried about getting strikes. I always complete any weekly guild events.

Hi, I’m scouting for a new guild with a bit more ambition. I’m level 1044, play every day and contribute to all tasks and events. Let me know if I fit your bill.

1 free spot! If you are interested, join us in the game or send me a message.
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