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Very active guild wanted (closed)

Lvl 477, 500k-1mil/week gold, 1500 seals/week, 500-1000+ trophies/week

Hi, looking for a guild full of active and contributing members, the kind of guild that completes most or all of the tasks and gets 40k seals every week.

what platform?


we complete 4 colors, the rest depends on a week, but with a member or two like you it would probably get done,
we do 40k once a month at the week when new mythic gets released, other weeks arent mandatory for seals
39th in the ranking currently
when we recruit - we are looking for dedicated members who want to stay for good and preferably pvp a lot
if you think you would like to join us leave us a proper application at Some Guild - recruitment

Thanks Annaerith, application posted.

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We are are currently rank 189
Very active members.
Achieved 40,000 seals two weeks in a row.
We do not complete tasks weekly but are working towards completing once every four weeks.
Your contributions of trophies and gold would get us there faster.
We do ask that members join our chat group on LINE for better communication and strategizing.
If interested please pm with invite code.
Mariana, GM, Realm of the Undead

Hi Spork,

Have sent you a private message about our guild :slight_smile:

Hi there,
If you’re still available we are looking for one player.
Marthos Guardians, rank 5: do all the tasks and 40k seals every week ;-).

Send an invite please :slight_smile:

My guildmates will invite you (I’m not at home). You can join our FB group to see our rules: Marthos Guardians

See you soon ;-).

No longer looking for a guild, thanks for the messages and invites folks :slight_smile:

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Adjusted your title to reflect the situation :slight_smile: