The New 0rder - recruitment. Weekly events always fully completed. 40k seals easily done. Req: 750k gold + activity in events, GW. No discord req

Our guild has many experienced and helpful players (everyone at levels 1100+). All members are actively playing.
40k seals every week & all basic tasks plus some epic - completed. All guardians at level 200. The guild is in the highest possible league. Weekly events always fully completed = lots of valuable rewards :sunglasses:
We require activity in weekly events and min 750k gold. No discord req. Level 1000+

The New 0rder

Join us in the game or send me a message.

Together we are stronger! :muscle:

hello i am interested in joining (SYBA_K2BD)…i’m cyrrently lvl 609 and very active and believe i would make a good addition to your team ; VIP 10 ; and what else would you like to know? ty again

Hi sybastyan. I can’t send you an invitation until you leave your current guild. If you still want to join us, leave your guild and let me know. Best regards!

[EDIT] Thanks for joining us! :ok_hand:

I’m looking for a new guild because my old guild kept raising the requirements and I couldn’t keep up! They needed 1-1.5 million a week and while I managed for a while, the game was starting to feel like a chore and I just want to play for fun! I’m level 1226, often get 2000 seals but sometimes on a busy work week as low as 1200. I would like to only have to donate 600k a week so I can get back to playing because I want to and not because I’m worried about getting strikes. I always complete any weekly guild events.

Hi, I’m scouting for a new guild with a bit more ambition. I’m level 1044, play every day and contribute to all tasks and events. Let me know if I fit your bill.

still a spot open ? I made a topic myself to change guilds, there you can see my motivation

Hi there, I seem to have booted from the guild despite hitting all requirements every week (logged on this morning to hit the last 15 or so trophies). Can’t join again? Did I miss something?

Hello. Invite me plz. lvl 1148

@Dinosore: You have been removed from the guild due to your regular poor performance in weekly events. You’ve always been in one of the last places, especially in GW.
I want our guild to get better and better, so the players with the lowest results are sometimes removed.
You will definitely find a place in another good guild, good luck.

Just would have been nice to have been warned is all, I’ve been enjoying the game much more since joining the guild so was a bit of a blow this morning to see that.

Still, all the best and I hope the guild goes from strength to strength.

I am looking for a guild

Now we have a full set.

Hi! If you still having a spot in your guild I would be verh interested! Right now , I am looking for a new guild becuase the actual one is almost “dead”.
My nick in the game is also INRACNE!

Welcome to the guild, Inracne.
We still have one free seat! :eye:


Im returning player.
Level 888 and I can hit the requirement.
invite code: vicious_5

I’m interested in joining your guild

Any openings today

We have some free spots! If you are interested, send me a message. I will write back quickly.
Participation in weekly events & Guild Wars required.
(Full description in the first post).

Photo from the event: