In search for a guild


I am an active player looking for a new guild. I am leaving the current guild because we are only 7-10 active players,
I want an active guild where all players can contribute.
As I said before, I am active, I participate in all guild events, I can contribute 1 million gold per week, I get 2000 seals and as many points as I can.

I participate in guild wars but I can’t always guarantee 5 kills because I’m not high level…but I participate and try to get the maximum.

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Hi @goguxx2000 I know you said you can only do 1 mil a week but I thought I would drop our reqs in here for you to look over. If they are too much for you no worries :blush:Our reqs every week are 1.6 mil gold, 2000 seals, 500 trophies, gw optional and all other events are split up equally between everyone. The points that are req for events each week are req even if rewards are done, that way everyone is doing their part and nobody has to do more unless they want to

I’ve got a spot for you if you want.
Our req are:
500K gold (exempt if kingdoms are not at level 10)
1500 seals
300 trophies.
Events are required, guild war is not since there are a few low levelled players

Come check us out. :slightly_smiling_face:

We’re an alliance of 12 guilds, and I’m sure we can find a guild for you that fits your needs and style of play.

If you’re interested in GW, we can also help you improve in that area, or in anything else you may want to improve.


I’m interested in this offer. If it’s still valid, after Guild Wars ends, that is, tomorrow, he wants me to join your guild.
Tell me how to proceed.


As a remark on the seriousness of some…Ms. Duke replied “Hi @goguxx2000 I know you said you can only do 1 mil a week but I thought I would drop our reqs in here for you to look over.” I applied to enter the guild and the answer was not the same… if you do not meet all the requirements you cannot enter. Discussion on Discord… in the meantime he deleted me from the guild chat :frowning:
If you didn’t want to receive me, why did you bother?

Too bad, I really wanted to join the guild and give my best :frowning:

We have some open spots at TGK The Golden Keep.
If you visit us on Discord, we can check which one could fit you better

The Throne of Odin family has an open spot in our guild, the Abyss. The requirements are 800k gold, 1500 seals, and 200 trophies per week. All events required except Guild Wars is optional. If you’re still looking for a guild home, come take a look at our Discord: Throne of Odin Guild Family

We are an alliance of 3 guilds (Sinergia).
please contact us on discord if you are interested

Thank you