The Most Hated Man in Gems of War

I’m come into this ready for backlash but how about in the future we get a new weapon questline against an “Evolved Great Maw” with tweaked traits along the line of “Hunger: 85% chance to devour on skull damage”

Come on @Sirrian and @Nimhain, make a dream come true.

Ok fourm members, I’m ready for my beating :wink:


Good idea. I like it. Gives me a reason to run Finley.


Here are the problems with this.

  1. It is a great idea
  2. Make it a mythic rarity with all stats included.
  3. i want this
  4. Why are we not funding this.
  5. Will he be in front or back?
  6. what team setup would the questline have
  7. what would the reward be
  8. i hope we get this
  9. List spam here.
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Evolved Great Maw’s ability: Devour ALL enemies. :stuck_out_tongue:

Evolved Maw: ability can be cast more than once, and it steals enemy mana when it devours.


I would face that. Also legendary trait does 30% chance.


Sounds like a great idea for a guild raid :sunglasses:

You forgot to add, that it activates at the beginning of battle :joy_cat:

If we evolve anything can we get an evolved Black beast or evolved goblin king?

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A hungry maw always has to be in the front.

Maw, Infernal King, Queen Mab, Mercy (though I can’t think of a story to justify this. but someone will).

Or better yet, Maw/Maw/Maw/Maw.

500 Major Traitstones. Of each color.


You people are crazy. :wink:


I’m up for a challenge, bring it on!

All Colors (30) - Devour all enemy troops. (Instant Win)

Stoneskin - 50% damage reduction from Skull Matches
Empowered - Start the match with full Mana
Starvation - 100% Chance to Devour on Skull Matches

Get your loop teams ready folks!
(That new troop coming out is highly recommended. Finley or Morthani’s Will as well.)

If this became a thing I would go into battle with 4 Infernal Kings and pray for at least 1 trigger

empowered and spell devour all enemy troops. better beat this one before he gets a turn :slight_smile:

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This is just cruel.


I need this for way too many reasons.

2.0 brought huge emotional load to GoW players, we should consider hiring some therapist on duty coz things are getting rly bad for some of us :))

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4th trait: mawstaken identity: 20% chance of mistaken tail for enemy, devour self. gain an extra turn.