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The Good, The Bad and Mr. Sammy!

Since you’re somewhat the Clint Eastwood of Gems of War, it was an honor shaking your hand…


Congrats! I remember my first battle with Mr. Sammy, took a picture via Steam and everything.

Now I fight and beat him every other day on the regular. Always glad to see such an original team to the point I’ve yet to see someone copy it.

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I didn’t know he was anyone important…

I’ve seen his deck copied a couple of time before 1.0.8 update, when having 2 Terraxis actually brought 2 bonuses, now it’s not so viable.

By the way, I find it very funny that he never leveled that mythic Firemantle to level 20 while his Terraxis is leveled to 19.

(I also beat his deck on a daily basis with little to no difficulties)

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He just dropped me a celestial traitstone, mr sammy is adorable :smiley:

(would have preferred a specific arcane though)

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Yeh, he’s pretty wonderful.

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I just realized that. lol I just assumed that the Mythic was 20 by virtue of fighting a lvl 1000.

@Zelarith, someone important? No not really. Just a long timer of GOW.
I’m due to change my defense team…


Important to your Match Masters team-mates!

…and down in GoW mythology as the first ever player to hit level 1000!

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LOL the final shakedown took some time and turns. :slight_smile:

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Almost an hour.

Hey, mr Sammy. I’ve gone up against your team several times now. I noticed something peculiar happen on a couple occasions. When emperina casts her spell, it gives celestasia 100+ life. I just went up against your team, and 3 or 4 times (I lost count) celestasia was given over 100 life. One time she went from 15 life to 123 life with one cast of emperina’s spell. Is this a known bug? This happened when only celestasia and emperina were the only two left standing if that makes a difference. But, I don’t think emperina cast any spells prior to there only being two left.

Here’s how that happened.
Celestasia selfishly fed herself life over the course of the battle, but giving life isn’t the same as healing. Healing restores health up to a set maximum, while Giving adds on to and increases the max total life.

Here’s an example:
Celestasia has 35/35 Life + Gives self 10 Life = Celestasia 45/45 Life
Celestasia has 20/45 Life + Gives self 10 Life = Celestasia 30/55 Life (Note: the maximum also increased)
Celestasia has 15/55 Life + Emperina Gives 10 Life and Heals Celestasia to full = Celestasia 65/65 Life

This is an example, not exactly how it went, but now you can probably understand how it occurred.


The only bug i know about Emperina is that she only heals 100hp (plus the additionnal life she gives, wich make it feels like Emperina healed over 100hp).

It’s a bug I dicovered recently that some of the oldest cards didn’t heal to full (1000hp) but only 100hp when browsing through the client side code of the game.
I noticed Sirrian about it and he said it should be solved in the next patch (he also said 100hp used to be the maximum at some point, wich explains the behaviour)

To Mr @sarcasmjew
Mr @MrSammy only special cause you dont have to live with him. You should really fell sorry for us in Match Masters.
Just kidding. …
He brings us Cookies snd Beer !

Ok. That makes sense. I guess I didn’t see that she heals as well. It makes for a pretty long match. Thanks for the explanation.

Case solved!
However, I’m now charging you with home invasion!

Boy, are we ever lucky nobody prosecutes that offense in Krystara.

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Noone got the news ?

KRYSTARA has been invaded by PUDDING POO…

Pudding Pop

So sammy how close are you to maxing all the kingdoms?

Haha! Sorry about that. I make some stupid posts on here sometimes. I should read the spells more carefully.