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A big thank you

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all those who changed their defense team to help others acquire snotstones! You didn’t have to and you are very appreciated!


You are welcome …

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I hope you haven’t been fighting me, we’re supposed to be friends.

I second your thanks though!

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We aim to please :grinning:

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Yep we’re da real MVPs! :innocent:

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Let’s get these snots!!

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I’m all about this. Mine isn’t a pushover deck, but it loses plenty, giving me lots of revenge opportunities. Making your deck compatible with the event is totally win-win.


I have one too, tried to make it a bit challenging.
Attack at will :smiling_imp:

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Lol I made mine as easy as possible but at level 900+, well I did my best for a quicker kill.


I have mine, what is so weird is how many of the battles I have lost but still got 2-3 souls (which means it could kick butt if I did something with it)

I just put 4 daemons together and hoped that would help.

I’m sure not getting enough teams with them. Just passed 48 snotgems.

And my next PVP (thank you) is 4 snotties :heart_eyes:

@Taisiakat, I do most of my snot hunting in Casual PVP. 50 gold refresh may seem like a lot to some, but if you do the math, you get more gold per match than Explore. I’m at 250 and hopefully by tomorrow I can get those gems.

@LYNDALE, you’re a Gentlewoman and a Scholar. I’m proud to call you my leader.


because you have to help each other and cooperating in this matter, we can coplete all events :smiling_imp: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My g/f came up with:

It has actually been a very effective defense team for me, it has roughly a 60% win rate which I consider fairly good for defense teams.

Of course it doesn’t explain why I got 4 wins running 1 peasant awhile ago, I’m still perplexed by that.

I’m all snotty now. 7hrs later and I have completed this weeks event. Casual and Ranked PVP is how I finished. I even got some revenge matches against 4 Daemon teams. Better trophies, better glory and better gold. That’s a win, win, win and win (counting the snots.) :thumbsup:

To all those that I repeatedly faced, thank you very much. Feel free to single my defense out any time you want.


I never even thought about doing casual PVP, that’s a great idea. I never refresh in ranked so I’m stuck doing a lot of matches with 0 or 1 demon.

I started doing this last weeks event. Glad others are doing it as well to help people out.

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Never thought about using Casual PvP to chase after Event Gems! As mentioned, using 50 gold to refresh is a lot more manageable than using a Gem in Ranked PvP. This made it so much easier to complete all the Event challenges and I’ll be using this method in the future if need be. I also can earn trophies for the guild too, not as much as ranked but at least it beats zero trophies using Explore mode :wink:

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