Forgive me Mr. Sammy, I've known not what I do


I was sooooo excited today at 2:50am, unable to sleep I decided to PVP some glory and I got paired up against the one and only @MrSammy, so I took some screen shots of the epic battle to detail exactly how it all went down

Hero was just for a test, for this match I swapped him out for:


Here’s how it all went down:

Thanks so much for the cash @MrSammy, tag your it

How much are you worth?

Disregard the topmost picture, it was added by accident and I dunno how to remove it


This thread needs more pictures.


Lol I’m sorry I was just soooo excited to face Sammy, and was even more stoked to win


Nicely done. And when you get Moloch traited it will be even easier.


I totally understand. I once came across Actreal in PVP and decided to play him…

I got owned :sweat_smile:


Well, Green Seer / Giant Spider / Boar Rider is a no brainer free win against anything but Bone Dragon 3rd trait, told it the moment Giant Spider was reworked


Sammy made me 15k+ in 2 matches a few days ago… he’s a lovely chap.


I don’t get to invade @MrSammy as we’re in the same guild… :frowning:


That game took me 4 minuets to win cause although the loop is as close to Unbreakable as it can be, I don’t have suppression and my Boar Rider only does 15 damage


This thread needs more bananas. You know, for scale.


I love cats, that last one is sooooo adorable


Cold and calculated!


I remember my first victory over the infamous MrSammy. Still got the screencap and everything. (On Steam)


If I ever die, build me a statue. On the plaque write: he was invadable.



Mr. Sammy - He was as invadable as he was generous.



heres an old pic of sammy :sunglasses:


There’s a @MrSammy on Consoles too, only we know him by WorldTour!

Whenever I draw him I make it a point to use my “Mean Street Posse”;

Pride Hunter*


Truth , he was a parsimonious cat and a hoarder. His serfs starved to death and he wouldn’t even pay to fix his toilet! Only way to get any gold out of him WAS by way of invasion, I have no hand in writing the history books though and I’m sure the new generations will think the plaque resembled his character truthfully.


Bumped for @Bobomb

I hope this goes a long way in assisting you in the fantasy draft, if the core can beat Mr. Sammy without a single loss then there’s something to be said about it