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The Golden Keep - Spots in Wasted Talent (800k/200t) and Loyalty & Honor (50t)

Hi @orzanimeseiei, we have spots in our starter guilds, but not at the Inn. If you want, join our Discord so we can have a word.

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pon., 11.11.2019, 13:15 użytkownik madking via Gems of War | Forums gemsofwar@discoursemail.com napisał:

Cześć. Muszę jeszcze wziąć 3 dni urlop na żądanie. Będę na kursie. Jutro będę dostępny pod telefonem po 16:00. Kurs ten nie jest związany z pracą. Od razu uspokajam, nie bawię się w makąsę.

Free rooms:
At the moment, we have free rooms in every guild of the group.

If you are interested, join our Discord https://discord.gg/xmtdmzs so we can have a word. And, as usual, the ale is free!!!

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We currently have 2 openings in the Order of Wasted Talent. We do 40k seals, complete 4 ET’s, all events, and are in GW bracket 13 (although GW is completely optional, and we do it only for fun with no expectations on results). Req’s are 800k gold/200 trophies, with an additional optional 400k buyout in lieu of event participation, so you can play how you want to play.

We’re an active, high-level, and laid-back guild for active, high-level, and laid-back players; come check us out!

We are also currently doing a bit of membership juggling, and will likely have openings in most of our other guilds as well (Krystarians, Aurora Hall, Night Furies, and Loyalty & Honor). Come check out our discord server to see what’s available; we have 6 active guilds and a ton of help and advice ready at your fingertips!

We have spots open in:

  • Wasted Talent (800k/200t/events)
  • Loyalty & Honor (50t/no gold)

Join our Discord for more info https://discord.gg/xmtdmzs

Hi Madking,

I’d be interested when you have an opening in The Golden Phoenix Inn.


Hi Vincet,
please come to our Discord so we can have a word and add you to our waiting list