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The Golden Keep - Spots in Night Furies, GemMakin'BobsledTeam and Aurora Hall

Hi @orzanimeseiei, we have spots in our starter guilds, but not at the Inn. If you want, join our Discord so we can have a word.

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pon., 11.11.2019, 13:15 użytkownik madking via Gems of War | Forums gemsofwar@discoursemail.com napisał:

Cześć. Muszę jeszcze wziąć 3 dni urlop na żądanie. Będę na kursie. Jutro będę dostępny pod telefonem po 16:00. Kurs ten nie jest związany z pracą. Od razu uspokajam, nie bawię się w makąsę.

Free rooms:
At the moment, we have free rooms in every guild of the group.

If you are interested, join our Discord https://discord.gg/xmtdmzs so we can have a word. And, as usual, the ale is free!!!

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We currently have 2 openings in the Order of Wasted Talent. We do 40k seals, complete 4 ET’s, all events, and are in GW bracket 13 (although GW is completely optional, and we do it only for fun with no expectations on results). Req’s are 800k gold/200 trophies, with an additional optional 400k buyout in lieu of event participation, so you can play how you want to play.

We’re an active, high-level, and laid-back guild for active, high-level, and laid-back players; come check us out!

We are also currently doing a bit of membership juggling, and will likely have openings in most of our other guilds as well (Krystarians, Aurora Hall, Night Furies, and Loyalty & Honor). Come check out our discord server to see what’s available; we have 6 active guilds and a ton of help and advice ready at your fingertips!

We have spots open in:

  • Wasted Talent (800k/200t/events)
  • Loyalty & Honor (50t/no gold)

Join our Discord for more info https://discord.gg/xmtdmzs

Hi Madking,

I’d be interested when you have an opening in The Golden Phoenix Inn.


Hi Vincet,
please come to our Discord so we can have a word and add you to our waiting list

hey guys,
are you still recruiting ?

Will not keep up anymore with the high demands of my guild, but still love playing,
especially when you can play how you want to.

let me know !!


Hi, yes we still are recruiting.
We have an open spot in Wasted Talent:

Reqs: 800k gold - 200 trophies during non GW-weeks - Spend minimum event sigils or buy it out with 1.2 mln gold
Weekly rewards: All events completed (the second world event that spawns on the weekend may be an exception) - all Basic Tasks completed on Monday + 4-5 Epic Tasks later in the week - 40k seals by Wednesday or Thursday

If interested, please PM me your invite code.

Morning everyone!

We have:

  • 1 spot in Night Furies: 750k gold - 1500 seals - 300 trophies - 30 GW battles- Min sigils used in non-GW weekly events (no gem buys necessary) OR “buy out” of any event by doubling min gold to 1.5m
  • 2 spots in GemMakin’BobsledTeam: - 350k gold - no gold required until kingdoms at 10 - Events participation - 25 GW battles
  • 2 spots in Aurora Hall: - Minimum level: 100 / For players who are levelling kingdoms: 1500 seals / For players with kingdoms at 10: 1000 seals and 150k gold — 40k seals reached every week

You can find a lot of help from the veterans in our family and you may have the opportunity to be promoted to higher guilds of the group.

If you are interested in joining The Golden Keep family, jump on our discord https://discord.gg/xmtdmzs
And the ale is on the house for everybody!

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