The Golden Keep is recruiting - We have rooms for all players, from beginners to GW fighter! And the ale is always on the house!

Thx Jonathan!


Bump. One place free in the Inn. Come and have a beer with us before the barrel runs dry !!

One seat available as of 11 November. Join quickly, because we finish all tasks and get many LTs within a few hours of changeover !

2 Seats available in the Inn . Please call in for a chat on Discord at to confirm you like us :star_struck: or pm MadKing#0962

The Inn is now full, but there are a couple of seats available in Loyalty and Honor

We need one more member.
Very reasonable requirements.
1500 seals and 1 million gold.
Contact our Mad king for all the 411.We get about a dozen LTs a week.

We are looking for one capable, laid-back fun-loving player who would like to share our great rewards, and donate towards getting them ! Come and enjoy your game again with us in the Inn!

We now have one place free…

Join us now before changeover and get maximum benefits. We finish all tasks and start getting LTs on a Monday within about 6 hours after changeover.

Pop in to to confirm we are a good new home for you!

We are now full

Golden opportunity to join the Golden Phoenix!

The Inn has one place immediately available. Take advantage of joining the nicest bunch of people in the game, who get tons of LTs without putting any pressure on you! Our reqs are easy for any high level player who just wants to play the game his/her own way, and who doesn’t want to feel forced to do every event.

Pop into our Discord channel without delay
and check out if we are a good match for you!

One member only needed now. Hurry before it’s too late!

When they took the low road yall took the high road.:innocent: Hopefully this name will stay yours . I say yall are just as hott in crimson as yall were in gold . Definitely a great guild to join !


We have one opening in Wasted Talent (400k gold, 1000s, no trophy reqs). Come join our relaxed guild with good rewards.


Your guilds seem nice and i’d like to join if you have some spot available in Golden phoenix or wasted talent.
I’m level 1169 and a regular player.
I just wanted to know : is discord mandatory or do you communicate also on the guild chat ? Cause i don’t want to create an account on discord…:laughing:
Let me know if i can join and i’ll leave my current guild. My invite code is ISSIN


Hi Titesoeur. Discord is not mandatory, but strongly encouraged for guild events (especially tower of dooms to share info on rooms).

We have a spot at the Inn, if you want I can send you an invite

I’d love to join ! I’ve left my guild, you can send the invite.
I can see the use of Discord for tower of doom, sure ! I guess i’ll create an account eventually :upside_down_face:

Just won’t hit 1500 seals this week, already collected 500 for the previous guild

Invite sent. Welcome to the Inn! I hope to see you on Discord too ;). No problem for the seals this week

@Phaethon, in case you were interested! Good crew, I believe.

Thx @Jonathan, we would be happy to talk with @Phaethon if he is interested in joining the Inn

And I’ll supply the coffee IF @Saltypatra, @Cyrup, and @Kafka don’t come. (I’m not rich enough to supply them with coffee.)