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The game appears to be down

I can’t seem to log in on PS4. Anyone noticing that too?

I’m unable to play on mobile. Won’t connect.

Same on android
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Be careful of meme-bombing

Jus’ sayin’

I’m cool with it as long as it doesn’t get anyone banned.

Ive lost all my progress, lost all my cards and just had to do a training lvl. And now own a hero weapon and a baby dragon. Hope 505 can retrieve my account

They’re usually quite good about this sort of thing. File a support ticket and they’ll set you straight.

I’m in. Sweetness.

Support can only see my old stats? so hes gave me another person to contact, if not then it looks like I start again or leave the game, Neither fil me with enthusiasm


Yesterday everytime it keeps loading after a game or when starting one so i could not play… Plz do something about those servers.