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[Solved] Lost account level 1157

My guild mate has lost his account, he’s sent two tickets in and still can’t access his level 1100 odd account with all his mythics, traitstones, glory gems and keys etc.
His game has started from scratch and he’s devastated.
Has anyone else had this and had their issues resolved?
I know @Saltypatra said there’s a lot of people having this problem on one of the streams but I wasn’t sure what the outcomes were or which platforms were affected.
Its been over two weeks, He’s missed out on two third place gw in bracket one, crafting famine and the glory troops. OK, he’s had two weeks off from wisps and forest troll/kraken but that’s not the point.:grinning:
Can anyone help? He’s Italian and struggles with English but we have someone in the guild helping him while he’s not with us.


Still nothing after 3 weeks now.

Lost Accounts are supposed to be one of the highest priority with support. I don’t know if it will help but maybe PM a dev on forum and quote your support unique number?


@Saltypatra is around at the moment I think so maybe she can help?

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Already have. Thanks anyway. Lila is on it but things aren’t looking good.

We have had correspondence with the player in question. We are doing our best to recover the account at this time. We are currently waiting on a response for the player to see if the fixes we implemented worked. If not, we hope to hear soon we can do our best to fix the problem.


Hi all,

Just an update to this thread, the issue is now resolved :slight_smile: :+1:


Thanks for your help and support guys, I haven’t been in touch with woa yet but I’m hopeful that it’ll be plain sailing now.

Lol, the fecking bumhole joined another guild. Can he lose his account again please? Lol
Some people eh!?
I suppose this is funny to people reading this, as GL I can see the funny side but we need someone for tomorrow now.
Thanks again folks, it’ll raise a few smiles in the office I bet!
Please lock or delete.


Lol I can’t lie I’ve had the worst morning and this made me laugh a little :laughing:. Hope you can find someone quickly

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We finished third in bracket one again, so his loss, not ours. I’m trying to see the funny side, hence me sharing with the community.

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