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The face of Sirrian


Not sure if this infringes on any privacy issue, but since I found this on public wiki I guess it’s OK to share here?
So apparently Sirrian is well known enough to have his own page in the Wikipedia. There’s even a picture of him in RL too :wink:

Now I wonder what @Nimhain looks like…


I always pictured a lot more beard on Sirrian. He has like none there. xD


Also, Wikiapedia’s page for Gems of War doesn’t exist. That is a sin. :stuck_out_tongue:

The hairless ardvark cannot have facial hair.

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I imagined so much more hair, kinda like a dwarf level hair at least but not full werewolf level hair amount. Also he looks so happy in this video, @Nimhain might defy our expectations of how she looks in real life too or not. It is a tough call with nim, she changes her picture a lot so it is harder to imagine how she looks past what her profile picture looks like. With his wisdom and other qualities i think sirrian looked more like

The lack of beard is disappointing. Has Sirrian ever said why he chose Luther as his avatar? lol (Not that it means he has to have a beard)

I think maybe I was suffering some beard-envy…


haha Not trying to give you a hard time Sirrian. I think Luther actually makes a good avatar. Speaking of beards, it’s time for mine to go. It’s getting that winter itch.

I invested in beard development this year - after 19 years of Mrs Jainus being vehemently opposed to the idea, she decided she actually rather likes it…

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I still can’t get the mental image of you being Luther out of my head. So don’t worry. You have an awesome beard, at least in my heart.


His wikipedia page is how I found out he worked on one of my favorite old games, reach for the stars. That was one of the original 4X space games.

Is that not Arjen Robben? xD

TIL: Gems of War has no Wikipedia entry. What is this blasphemy?!

So now that I know who Sirrian truly is…

Why is the only buggy version of PQ the PSP one?

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That is THE most foul mullet I’ve EVER set my eyes on…!

Holy shit. Put it away.

The iOS port of PQ was pretty buggy. It had crazy small tap targets and uneven animation speed. In retrospect it’s a testament to the gameplay that I loved it so much despite the many flaws.

There was a photo of nim on the other forum that got closed down she put one up :slight_smile:

Nimhain and sirrian doing a Halloween-Pirate-selfie in the office, with Elliot the Dragon Receptionist photobombing us in the background.

That’s sirrians best pirate sneer btw!