Warlords 1-3 Released on GOG.com

Sirrian’s turnbased wargames from the 90’s


That’s awesome! Some of my earliest computer gaming memories involved playing Warlords 2 with my dad and brother back in the early 90s. Spent many hours designing maps with the map editor.

God I love the Warlords series, and also Warlords Battlecry. I’m credited as a tester on Warlords Battlecry 2 in fact!

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I played Sirrian’s first game, Reach For The Stars.
I might still have the original box.

I may just have to check this game out.

Cool. I’d like to see DLR ported to Ubuntu. With using all fandom extensions (K4, SH, MC…)

Briefly checking the comments on GOG, there seems to be a slight issue with some machines where you might need to lower the cycles on the DOSBOX installation, but that may not affect everyone.

And a shameless plug, but KGB still maintains Wooger’s Warlorders site for all of the turn-based Warlords games

Insta buy!
Trivia: W2Deluxe was the reason I told my father I need to have a PC. I said I need it for my “academic studies” of course. :rofl:

I had a lot of college hotseat MP games with Warlords 2 and 3…