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The Daemonomicon only spawns Cthyryzyx, Abhorath, and Quasit

So when I use Daemonomicon it says it can spawn any random daemon so I am expecting to get any of the daemons in the troop list including ones like gorgotha and infernal king. When I use the Daemonomicon it only picks from 1 of 3 troops, Abhorath, Cthyryzyx, or Quasit.

I have tested this in arena and PvP many many times. Even in quests I’ve summoned daemons only getting the ones listed above. It will happen anytime I use the Daemonomicon to summon a daemon.

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You sure they aren’t just daemonomicommon? :astonished:

Sorry, couldn’t help myself. I’ll show myself out.


I think it summoned 3 rarities but i am not sure.

So the Daemonomicon says Summon a random Daemon. It was originally intended to summon 1 of 4 different Daemons: Quasit, Ancient Horror, Cthyryzyx, and Abhorath. This was mainly as the Sorcerer class was from Karakoth.

Sometime after 1.0.9 released we discovered a bug with Daemonomicon where it was only summoning Quasit and Abhorath. We have fixed the issue but it will need 2.0 to be released. We decided that while players waited for 2.0 to come out that we would put in a temporary fix that allows the Daemonomicon to summon 1 of 3 troops (The ones you have listed).

We may look to change it to summon from an expanded list of Daemons in the future. No promises on that though at the moment.


Can i beg for it to summon any deamons that are in the game (not including those we currently do not know about located in the files)

Maybe one day

If the Daemonomicon starts summoning troops like fully traited Moloch, Psion, Webspinner, and worst of all, Gorgotha, I’m calling Gorgon(bull)!

The four troops mentioned are fine and cover a fair range. Especially once summoning is changed to better include levels and/or traits.

But any legendary other than Abhorath is a problem. One Daemon of each rarity makes way more sense. My only question is if summoning chances are all equal.

I believe so yes

Summoning in my opinion is completely useless due to the fact that most of the troops you summon have pathetic stats and have no useful abilities making the strategy really weak compared to any other strategy, I believe the daemonomicon could potentially be slightly viable if it summoned any random daemon but based on how it is described I think summoning will be completely useless till something about it is changed.

Dokkalfar summoning a mana generator, goblin king spawning a goblin that does target damage. Ok they are poor yes but if they update summoning then dokkalfar would be the strongest summoner for summoning a spider that births a spider.

Even then they could just update the Daemonomicon to summon any random daemon in the game because in comparison Dokkalfar is so much better than it right now and even if the Daemonicon was able to summon any random daemon than Dokkalfar would still be better because of its consistency and the fact that it does damage split amongst enemies even if you have no open summoning slots.