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Summoning bug running rampant?

So I was exploring in pridelands while grinding for the last 3 red arcane stones (rage) I need to fully trait courage. My team consists of

Daemonomicon (mechanist (3))
Bombot (1)
Bombot (1)
Bombot (1)

Under the brown/brown banner

The team runs really smooth and I chose Daemonomicon to replace the bots after they Kaboom!!! (You know, just in case the AI starts being “I”) I like to cast the hero whenever I don’t have a brown or skull match and there is gap to fill (just to see if I’m lucky) and I finally got to summon the grand daddy… Abhorath (even without a priest) the only thing is this Abhorath, didn’t seem so grand…

This is what he looked like:

This is the copy in my troop list:

My hero weapon had over 20 magic so why was the summon so puny compaired to the one I owned? Perhaps it’s what happens when you basicly say the words from the book… You really do need every tiny little syllable…

Deep down inside, I doubt the priest would’ve screwed up this bad (but who knows)

The team does run quite quick