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Daemonomicon rework

In the long distant past (half a year ago) there Was saying that this weapon might get a review and be able to summon any daemon.
Why hasn’t this still happened yet? :frowning:
We got plenty of new daemons and it feels so bad summoning only troops that aren’t used anyway (well abhorath is it very rare).
Summoners aren’t very popular and changing the effect to really summon any random daemon would be for those players wanting a fun mechanic to play with (no kruarg isn’t the solution because it’s condition is to much).
Can this pls happen?
And no it wouldn’t be a buff to the weapon because there are plenty of common daemons,and getting a mythic troop isn’t as strong if you don’t have them traited. .


+1 to this… well actually to reworking the vast majority of weapons… and buffing heroes and classes while we’re at it…


agreed, Jainus

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Not only weapons a lot of troops (old troops) would really need to get some major updates.
I was looking at some of those old guard and I felt pity for them. Astral spirit (ultra rare) outshines shadow dragon easy. Moloch? His damage is low, and there’s a trait that doubles his trait so talk about being out classed. Etc.
A lot of old troops damage was build for the time when no troops had 50+ hp and armor combined. All life and armor has got almost tripled but those damage numbers haven’t gotten up. .
There are still old troops that are totally viable of course like rowanne etc. But that’s another damage numbers topic, I’m only interested about summoning here. It should summon any random daemon if it says summon random daemon.
Recent adana troop says summon either a boom bot a tank bot and another troop. It doesn’t say summon a random mech.


All for some much needed buffs across the board. Even dokkalfar. We need more spider spawning please.

spawning troops are so ‘early game’. unless it is a resurrection trait.

Well I want to have some new things to do in late game too :stuck_out_tongue:

I use 2 summoners in my main team. Dokkalfar, and giant spider. If only dokkalfar and tyri got more love…between each other.

Totally agree that the old legendaries need a buff. Legendary traits should feel legendary!

Shadow Dragon gains 1 attack on a purple match? Maw gets +2 to all skills on a skull match

Sheggra burns an enemy when taking skull damage? Big deal, Jarl burns on any 4+ match

Same as sheggra above with bone dragon and queen mab.

Venoxia isn’t great either now I think about it, but I guess some teams can make use of it (e.g. with scale guard)

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Yeah, summoners are not really ideal in terms of skull damage, but in Explore they can be my life savers and turn a would-have-lost match into a close victory. So I don’t undervalue them at all.

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I agree that Shadow Dragon and Sheggra have terrible Legendary traits.

Bone Dragon’s is actually quite good though since it counters skull spam. And even better, it’s retroactive; if an enemy makes a 4-skull match, they still lose the turn.

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I fell like Sheggra should “Burn” all enemies for ? damage and inflict the burning status on the enemy that performed the skull match. You splatter lava around and everyone gets burned. I’d live it to scale with the amount of skull damage received, but that might be too strong.

There are so many that need help, that its hard to list them all.

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Here are some of @Jainus’ ideas from a long time ago. I definitely wouldn’t hold my breath regarding the dev team buffing old troops (that everyone has) vs. creating new ones (that people will pay $$$ for), but I do agree with many of Jainus’ suggestions.


I like his suggestion and yeah many old troops need rework.
But my suggestion here is to rework a hero weapons to work the way it’s wording describes.
That won’t be a hit to the budget :slight_smile:

So we do have the Daemonomicon down on the to-do list, and we agree it probably should summon a random daemon like it it’s spell description says.

Hopefully we will be able do check the change in soon but at this stage no ETA.