The Cursed Circus


Ok, I lied, one last post before going to sleep.

Seeing how @melkathi and @Serale put time and effort into trying to create an actual kingdom rather than just give ideas around, I thought I’d try it as well.

New Kingdom: Cursed Circus

Tagline: They used to be a traveling circus, until they cross the wrong witch.
Kingdom bonus: Yellow +1 / Brown +1
Banner: +1 Armour / +1 Life

(For more explanation on special abilities, please refer to New troop abilities )



Cheeky Monkey - Level 15: 15: 5 Attack, 5 Life, 5 Armour, 0 Magic
Spell “Banana Trick”, 4 Yellow: Steal (Magic +1) random stat from a chosen enemy.
Text: This monkey looks so cute, you’d never guess he robbed 20 people this morning.

Monsieur Loyal - Level 15: 5 Attack, 9 Life, 6 Armour, 4 Magic
Spell “Welcome to the Show”, 8 Brown: Deal (Magic +2) damage to the first enemy.
Text: He’s been doing this for so long, he became a living loudspeaker.


Laguiole, the Knife Juggler - Level 15: 6 Attack, 17 Life, 3 Armour, 2 Magic
Spell “Technique Training”, 10 Brown or Yellow: Deal (Magic +1) damage to all enemies, with a 50 % chance to deal double damage to one of them.
Text: There’s a reason he’s not allowed to perform in front of a live audience yet.

Tau-nia, the Lion Tamer - Level 15: 7 Attack, 13 Life, 6 Armour, 5 Magic
Spell “Whipping Away”, 10 Yellow or Red : Deal (Magic +2) damage randomly split amongst enemies. Deal double damage if there is a Beast.
Text: She came for the big cats, she stayed for the accessories.

Ultra Rare

Jimbo, the Courageous Elephant - Level 15: 5 Attack, 20 Life, 6 Armour, 0 Magic
Spell “Unmovable Object”, 12 Brown or Red: Gain (Magic +1) Life and (Magic +1) Armour for every enemy creature on the board.
Ability: Taunt - becomes the enemy target for all incoming damage.
Text: Jimbo doesn’t like it when people try to bully his smaller friends.

Madame Soleil - Level 15: 7 Attack, 14 Life, 3 Armour, 2 Magic
Spell “Lucky Fortune”, 11 Yellow or Green: Give (Magic +1) random stat to a chosen ally.
Text: She might be good at predicting the future, but she can’t see anything without her glasses.


Aeria, the Trapezist - Level 15: 8 Attack, 16 Life, 5 Armour, 5 Magic
Spell “Vertigo”, 12 Yellow or Purple: Deal (Magic +3) Damage to an enemy, and drain their mana.
Ability: Nimble - 50 % chance to dodge any type of damage.
Text: So high up, we all look like ants to her.

Abracadabra, the Magician - Level 15: 9 Attack, 14 Life, 7 Armour, 2 Magic
Spell “Out of thin air”, 14 Brown or Purple: Gain (Magic +1) random stat for every wounded ally.
Text: He always shines in the most dire circumstances.


Magya, the Crossed Witch - Level 15: 7 Attack, 14 Life, 4 Armour, 8 Magic
Spell “Dark Ritual”, 20 Brown or Blue: Deal (Magic +1) damage to ALL enemies.
Text: She’s not a social butterfly.

Aequus, the Tightrope Walker - Level 15: 8 Attack, 16 Life, 6 Armour, 0 Magic
Spell “Balancing Act”, 13 Brown or Yellow: Steal (Magic +1) random stat from all enemies, and remove all brown gems to boost the effect (ratio 3/1).
Ability: Nimble.
Text: Don’t mind him, that guy’s uptight.


The quest starts when we meet Aeria, who first tries to kill us. Turns out we fell into a trap that she laid for a witch. She explains that her brother Aequus has been kidnapped by Magya, said witch, and that she though we were some kind of spy. But when she finds out we’re the adventurer who helped so many kingdoms, she enrolls us in her quest.
She tells us she’s part of what was the Traveling Circus, until Magya came in and fell in love with her brother, the tightrope walker. She would follow them from places to places, trying to make him love her, but nothing worked, neither spells nor potions, because, truthfully, Aequus is kind of a Narcissus. After months of failures, Magya got fed up and cursed the circus to remain grounded forever. Whenever they try to leave the kingdom, violent accidents happen, so they all have to stay. And one day, Aequus just up and disappeared.
We go through all the kingdom looking for the brother, battling crazy undead summoned by the witch and upset circusfolk who just want to go back to their normal travelling life and blame Aequus.
We finally confront the witch, who realizes there is no point in keeping such a self-centered man around, and lifts the curse. But the circusfolk finally decide to settle in the region, which is actually quite nice when there’s no more horde of bloodthirsty zombies after them…

I know these troops might be unbalanced and I’m sorry for that. I tried my best, but I’m clearly not a dev: I am full of cool ideas, but not an actual designer, clearly! ^^

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Ahhhh I <3 all these detailed Kingdom designs so much!


Soooo… when do you expand the map? As since we know you have already your kingdoms planned, so there is not space for those from ideas… Am I right?


I agree, the world is starting to be a crowded… but maybe this is @CrowdedWorlds plan all along! :open_mouth:
You’ll notice that his name is Crowded WorldSSSSSS, which can only mean one thing: very soon, we’ll see the parallel universes of GoW.


So we’ll get mirror universes where we have to help a good Sheggra fight evil Luther? Or save Moloch from being forced to marry Sapphira?


This was their plan all along!


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new kingdoms for GoW 2 perhaps? :wink:


Why not in the current version? There is plenty of land yet undiscovered on the map. :smile:


Because if we keep up with the current flow of ideas, Crowdie will soon post an announcement that suggestions for Gems of War 1- 3 are now closed and any new ideas will have to wait for Gems of War the Prequel.


Haha, you’re probably right! :smile:


you can always enlarge map :slight_smile:

The Fairy Foliage

make different continents with a major quest to get to them :slight_smile:


this sounds nice how do i get devs to notice this and talk about it


first reply in the thread is from a dev :smiling_imp:


well ill be a monkey’s uncle. so it is so it is. i still want this request put in.