New Kingdom: Gehenna


Ok, second attempt to create a new kingdom. Here goes nothing!

New Kingdom: Gehenna

  • Tagline: Demons need a place to rest too.
  • Kingdom bonus: Brown +1 / Purple +1
  • Banner: +1 Attack

For special abilities, please refer to this thread and Melkathi’s thread. :slight_smile:



Trickster Imp - Level 15:15: 5 Attack, 8 Life, 6 Armour, 3 Magic
Spell “Fireball”, 5 Purple: Deal (Magic +2) damage to two random enemies.
Ability: Death cheater - this creature resurrects once per battle.
Text: Even demons are tired of his evil tricks.


Okosho, the Incubus - Level 15: 5 Attack, 14 Life, 5 Armour, 4 Magic
Spell “One-night Surprise”, 11 Brown or Purple: Deal (Magic +2) damage to a target enemy, and steal 1 random stat.
Ability: Dodger - 50% chance targeted damage is dealt to another random creature, ally or enemy.
Text: Just don’t get too attached to the guy.

Ikishi, the Succubus - Level 15: 7 Attack, 14 Life, 4 Armour, 1 Magic
Spell “Stunning Beauty”, 10 Red or Purple: Silence a target enemy and give +1 Attack to all allies.
Ability: Team Player - all allied spells cost -(Magic +1) to cast
Text: Don’t even try to resist, she’ll just enjoy it more.

Hudor, the Nickar - Level 15: 6 Attack, 13 Life, 6 Armour, 5 Magic
Spell “Splash”, 12 Brown or Blue: Deal (Magic +1) damage to the first two enemies, and remove all blue gems to boost the effect (ratio 4/1).
Text: He’s the real boat lover.

Ultra Rare

Cattus, the Bajang - Level 15: 7 Attack, 14 Life, 3 Armour, 0 Magic
Spells “Big Kitty” / “Human Farce”, 11 Purple or Yellow: when activated, the spells allow him to switch between the Cat form and the Human Form, which translate by swapping the Attack and the Life stats (the Bajang has more attack, the Human has more life).
Ability: Shape-shifter.
Text: Kitty just wants to play catch.

Gaki - Level 15: 6 Attack, 19 Life, 0 Armour, 4 Magic
Spell “Flesh Hunger”, 12 Purple or Green: All enemies lose (Magic +1) Life.
Ability: Mass modifier.
Text: So many corpses to eat, so little time…


Shedim - Level 15: 7 Attack, 15 Life, 7 Armour, 15 Magic
(+1 Magic per Level)
Spell “Raise the Dead”, 14 Brown or Purple: Summon a Level (Magic) Ghoul, Zombie or Skeleton, and gives all allies +1 Life.
(Note though that no troop can be summoned above Lvl 15, even if Shedim’s Magic increases.)
Ability: Summoner.
Text: He couldn’t make any friend so he started creating some.

Caniba, the Wendigo - Level 15: 9 Attack, 16 Life, 5 Armour, 0 Magic
Spell “Let the dog out” / “Incognito”, 13 Brown or Red: when activated, the spells allow him to switch between the Wendigo form and the Human Form, which translate by swapping the Attack and the Life stats (the Wendigo has more attack, the Human has more life)
Ability: Shape-shifter.
Text: He loves playing with his food.


Abraxas - Level 15: 7 Attack, 14 Life, 1 Armour, 3 Magic
Spell “Hell Army Rising”, 15 Purple or Blue: All allies gain (Magic +1) Attack and Armour.
Ability: Supernova - at the start of your turn, gain +1 to all stats.
Text: He only wants to rule the world.

Lilith - Level 15: 9 Attack, 15 Life, 5 Armour, 5 Magic
Spell “Girl Power”, 11 Brown or Purple: Deal (Magic +4) damage to a target enemy.
Ability: Power-driven - gain +1 Magic every time she casts a spell.
Text: Baby’s got the magic touch.


We meet Shedim while adventuring away, who asks us if we’d like to help him hunt a Wendigo. Shedim is upset because the Wendigo has killed all of his friends.
We travel around the kingdom, searching for the foe, while being continuously attack by irritated demons. Shedim explains that the demons are simply afraid of the Wendigo and don’t want to get on his bad side.
When we finally confront the Wendigo, we discover that Shedim lied all along: his “friends” were summons he binded to this world and not actual friends, and the Wendigo killed them because they asked him to. The demons hate Shedim because he digs the graves of everyone to satisfy his social needs.
It’s ok now though: we’re his new friend and he’s never going to let us go…


I love the twist! None of the existing sotrylines have the starting epic not be the good guy/gal. That would make for some fun variety.


you’re giving away all these ideas for nothing, @Archenassa! Just kidding, awesome again, although I like the Circus even better!


Thank you guys! :smile:


Awesome job on the guides! Love it, love it, love it!


Thanks! :blush:


You’re welcome!