The Fairy Foliage

New Kingdom: The Fairy Foliage

First of all, sorry I wasn’t much present these past few days, I had a lot to do IRL, but I should participate more. :slight_smile:

Ok people, bear with me because this is an idea I had for a while, but which looks a teeny bit complicated to implement… Although I already talked it over with other players who understood it, so it might not be as far-fetched! :slight_smile:
The idea behind this kingdom is that with mana surges and/or colour changing troops (like the Valkyrie), high-cost mana troops don’t mean much. When a player can fill its Behemoth or its Sheggra in one turn thanks to over-friendly game mechanics and mana support troops, it feels like there is no choice as to which troops you can safely put in your line-up: all work fine! When I started playing the game a year or so ago, the mana surge mechanic infuriated me. It seemed to say that higher level players / players in huge guilds would always have a massive mastery advantage, and that having an “expensive” troop didn’t actually comes with any downside because of it. Ergo, the Fairy Foliage was born.
The concept behind it is to have troops that you can’t much cheat your way around. If you want to use one of these awesome troops, you need to play by the fairy rules! And crazy comboing would be pretty fun I think…

  • Kingdom: Fairy Foliage
  • Tagline: Magic defies the impossible.
  • Mana bonus: Pink +1 / Orange +1 / Turquoise +1
    (Yes, you read that right!)
  • Banner: +2 Life

Please note that all the following troops are fairies (think Cicely Mary Barker style ^^). And they are all women. Just because. (Yeah, ok, it’s because it’s easier for my stupid flower puns).
Example of C. M. Barker drawings:

(Also, all names refer to plants.)


Firepink - Level 15: 5 attack, 10 Life, 5 Armour, 0 Magic
Spell “Let it bloom”, 9 Purple or Red Mana: Turns all the Purple and Red gems on the board into Pink.

Night Lily - Level 15: 5 attack, 10 Life, 5 Armour, 0 Magic
Spell “Wild Growth”, 9 Blue or Green Mana: Turns all the Blue and Green gems on the board into Turquoise.

Million Bell - Level 15: 5 attack, 10 Life, 5 Armour, 0 Magic
Spell “Paiting It Bright”, 9 Yellow or Brown Mana: Turns all the Yellow and Brown gems on the board into Orange.


Royal Rose - Level 15: 7 Attack, 14 Life, 5 Amour, 5 Magic
Spell “Rain of Thorns”, 12 Pink: Deal (Magic +1) true damage to all enemies.

Sacred Orchid - Level 15: 8 Attack, 13 Life, 3 Armour, 4 Magic
Spell “Back to Earth”, 12 Turquoise: Steal 1 Magic and (Magic +1) Life from an enemy, and silence them.

Sweet Dahlia - Level 15: 6 Attack, 16 Life, 4 Amour, 0 Magic
Spell “Soothing Song”, 12 Orange: Entangle all enemies and drain their mana.


Dangerous Daisy - Level 15: 9 Attack, 16 Life, 6 Armour, 4 Magic
Spell “Nature’s Wrath”, 15 Pink or Orange: Deal (Magic +4) damage to all enemies. Jumble the Board.

Dahlia Delight - Level 15: 8 Attack, 17 Life, 5 Armour, 5 Magic
Spell “Forces of Nature”, 15 Pink or Turquoise: All allies gain (Magic +1) Life, Armour and Attack. Gain an extra turn.

Mystical Mum (see note below) - Level 15: 8 Attack, 15 Life, 7 Armour, 6 Magic
Spell “Garden Queen”, 15 Orange or Turquoise: Deal (Magic +3) damage to an enemy; deal double damage if this troop is wounded.
Ability: Gift of Life. When this troop dies, all allied troops gain +2 to all stats.

Note: Mum refers to Chrysanthemums (according to my research, that’s how these beautiful flowers are usually called in English, don’t blame me! ^_^)

I didn’t put any rare or ultra rare in the above list, and I’m fully aware of it. I actually do have ideas for them, but as it is, there are already 9 troops available. I could add some if people want more examples though, but I think it gets the point through.
The kingdom could not be levelled above 10 even if we added a hundred more troops anyway. :slight_smile:


The fairy world is in trouble! The mighty Mystical Mum, guardian of the fairies, has gone mad. She is imprisoning her fellow fairies and putting them to work as slaves in some underground mines.
The rutilant Rose, leader of the rebellion, is asking you to help her find out what is the cause of all this folly, in order to save her friends. Battling demons and brainwashed fairies, you manage to discover that the whole problem has been caused by Magya who needed excessive amounts of fairy dust to keep the circus grounded, and cast a spell on poor Mum to keep her under her control. When confronting Mum, you manage to rip apart the artefact that was controlling her. The fairy world can go back to normal, but Mum, overwhelmed with guilt, ask Rose to become the new Fairy Guardian, for she does not trust herself any more. And you’ll have to have yet another chat with Magya…


Legendary Peter Pansy would like a word with you :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m a fan of Brian Froud Faries myself (I blame the Labyrinth movie).

I like him too. I blame Lady Cottington.

I also blame the Labyrinth.

I am also a Changeling RPG fan though.