New Simian (Ape/Monkey) Race?

It just occurred to me that our lower primate friends are completely unrepresented. What about a new race just for monkeys and apes? Attacks could include monkeyshines and monkey business - basically mucking up the opponent’s business in random and unfortunate ways. You already have a built-in mythic but you might have to call him King Kang for copyright issues. :wink:


Just ask @Vangor we are still waiting for the Gorilla Mythic! :heart_eyes:
A primate kingdom would had been perfect for it. :wink:

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Yup! I been begging for this for some time now…

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Lol i readed New Sirrian race


Perhaps it is time for the rise of the Kingdom of the Apes? No blatant movie reference intended. Or is there?

Man, if I had a dollar for every time I’ve done that…

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Kingdom colours: brown, green and yellow, because bananas, amiright?


I hope the art isn’t just a gorilla with flames and spiky wings. That is feeling a little overdone…


I hope for something like this:


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Let’s not forget the legendary King ummm Larry? He’s an orangutan who summons monkey troops. Also another spell - Go Bananas which turns every brown gem green and every green gem yellow.

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There is quite of many apes to pick from and that makes this idea so damn great.

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Clearly, we need to monkey around with it. Huge potential, especially for all the jokes that come with the territory. Another attack - Simian Scream for silencing opponents.

Plus Monkey’s Paw - Deathmark an enemy and take 5 damage.

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i read this as sirrian race :cry:


If we split up Wildfolk’s any thinner we’ll be left with a bunch of useless traits like Centaur Slayer or Stryx Slayer and another Sharkey incident. We’ve just had Urska separated recently!

Let’s worry about new races when all our current ones can actually manage a 4-of-a-kind bonus…


Agree with @zelfore we really don’t need any more racial types. Synergies are spread way too thinly already…

I misread the M as double Rs.

I might need more coffee. New @Sirrian race when?

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Lol i did the same :slight_smile:

One way to get around the useless trait portion is to have a “wildfolk slayer” that lumps Centaurs, Stryx, Wargare, Urska etc into one. (ie all beastmen types)

But yeah, team bonuses are an issue still. And lumping them all togeather there would make the change away from wildfolk meaningless.

EDIT: I too read “New Sirrian Race?” :stuck_out_tongue:


To be honest, I don’t know enough about the overall troop mechanics here. I would certainly not advocate for changes that adversely affected play.

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face it ppl, father developer of the New Race will be Sirrian
(and ive read New Sirrian Face)

and i think i like gorilla and monkeys idea but first i wanna see much more merfolks and much more consistency among current races

by consistency i mean:

  • better synergy between the troops of same race/kingdom
  • better toop balance
  • more unique “character” of troops belonging to same kingdom/race, just like they did with orcs

if there is space to add a different unique character to gorilla/monkey race, then i think it would be time to add them, just not yet :stuck_out_tongue: