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THE BLACK HAND: If you are a guild member, please reply

Anyone from THE BLACK HAND guild still on these forums? I was the first member of it aside from the guild master. We made it nearly to the top 10. Now I see that the guild is only doing about 200 trophies per week and has dropped all the way to rank 50. The reason I initially left was because the guild master was basically never on and would go weeks or months without playing. Since the guild is probably 50%+ inactive, one of you could ask the devs to take the position of guild master and remove everyone who is a couple weeks+ inactive. Feel free to PM me on here for more information, for I should be able to help your guild rise again.

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Another ex-HAND here. :slight_smile: In my time it was in top10 alright and the captain active, though obsessed with stuff like task preference. To the point he kicked people for contributing to some tasks well after they shelled out the mandatory gold. No wonder it started a slow decline.

In last few months I saw it in free fall, guess the leader stopped playing without promoting someone who stayed on.

Heloooooouuuuuu my friend :wink:
Now guild master is Russian man.
And plenty members Russian speakers. … ( you know how is working Russian hackers) )))
Alote members like your chanel.
Will be great to receive from you redeem codes ))

Best necromancer of a dead thread ever.


WE ressurect guild fron corpse status!

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Best thing to do.
New guilds are dumb, best to raise a corpse. Good luck, and I salute your efforts from Xbox land. We’ve our own Russian or two.