The Alliance -Number 2 in the league- Looking for very active players!

If you can donate 533K in gold a week, and look to be active enough for 1,500 seals, please send your invite code to Evil Bat Witch on XBox!

Bat Wiiiitch - guild leader of The Alliance (formerly Birch Team)

Currently 1 spot open.

And, full top again!

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Up to 3 spots opening up! get em while the new year is still in flux! We have max statues for your gaming needs.

Still looking for 3 members!! Come join the #3 guild on Xbox!!!

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Should say #3 and #2 soon :slight_smile:


I think we’re down to one spot open, now? Thanks for the confidence, @Rickygervais. Appreciated! Edit: 2 spots open! 5 statues active!

2 spots still open! Come join The Alliance!! Xbox guild ranked 3 right now but soon will be #2.

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One spot left guys!, going like hot cakes!

And full again!

Nice, I didn’t realize you were the leader of that guild (also, what’s with the name change? And how do you change a guild’s name?)

How weird that the #3 guild leader and #7 guild co-founder live less than an hour away from each other :smiley:

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That is indeed amusing about the distance! and now i think we might be number 2, as of this AM.

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We should be #6 soon, if Birch Team Bis doesn’t overtake us before then.

Congratulation on your 2nd position on the leaderboard!!

Now almost halfway of the thieves :slight_smile:


I’m interested if a spot opens, active player.


If a spot opens up I’m your guy! 500K - 800K gold, 300+ trophies, 1500 seals of course!


@Kugar7 and @rojo please post your invite codes! We have a facebook group and an xbox club for you to join. FB isn’t manatory, but joining the xbox xlub is (as is keeping up in the club and checking in once a week.) So, i’ll need your gamer tags, as well. so you can message me, evil bat witch, or ladyfae1969 with those.

Another spot open as of reset tonight. EDIT: and full again!