The AI thinks Skeleros needs a buff


I was playing right now, using my Team Skull (Keeper of Souls, Aziris, Skeleros, Sunweaver). Aziris and Skeleros were at full mana, Keeper at 13/16, Sunweaver at 7/13.
The AI had just filled up Moloch. I decided to use Aziris’ power, so that the AI would the drain Skeleros’ mana, something which would mean little to my play. After all, the AI always targets the full mana, correct?
The AI drained Keeper, ignoring Skeleros.
If there ever was proof that a troop needs a buff it is this. When even the AI can’t be bothered to prevent it from using its ability :stuck_out_tongue:


It doesn’t always target the one with full mana. Usually when I play the Arena and my opponent has a mana-draining troop or weapon, like the Cockatrice, it often puzzles me when they choose to drain someone who’s not full. But it actually happens regularly, and have been like that for weeks.


The AI can read your mind, and always drains the troop you dont want it to… It can have full mana or not, doesnt matter to the AI, he just wants to hurt you!

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Try this team out for a “skull team” it’s cheap, fast, wins a lot, and really fun!

Keeper of souls

It gets:
Master of Magic - +25 purple mastery
King of Bones - +6 armer +1 magic
Undead General - +4 armor +1 magic


I think it does take the total amount of mana into consideration, not just if a troop is at full mana or not, i.e. prefering a troop that is at 13/16 rather than 8/8.


The AI always drains the one who has collected the most mana.

Example: Imagine you have the following team: Alchemist, Terraxis, Drake Rider and Valkyrie.

When every troop is at full mana the AI targets Terraxis first because he has the highest mana value (14)

Another example: Same team, Alchemist ist full, Terraxis has 11 mana collected. The AI will still drain Terraxis because the Alchemist has 10 mana collected which is less than Terraxis’ amount of mana collected.


You guys are totally not helping with all your reasonable explanations :stuck_out_tongue:


I have been thinking or replacing Skeleros with a Skelington, but that would break the sibling combo that is the cornerstone of this team.


Just try that team out, trust me you will bee pleasantly surprised by how fun and effective it is.


I prefer

Keeper of souls

Sunweaver and Aziris work extremely well together


That is the alternate line-up I had considered as well.


Melkathi, you say “You guys are totally not helping”, but I think CSZ is in right.

In your example:
Aziris mana full (5/5)
Skeleros mana full (8/8)
Keeper mana (13/16)
and Sumweaver (7/13)

So the AI target Keeper since it has the most mana in stock


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