The 3rd GoW Forum Fantasy Series - Round 1: 4 vs 13

Welcome one and all to the Gems of War Forum Fantasy contest, series 3! Everyone is welcome to vote in each match and your vote will determine who wins and advances on to the next round. Here are some guidelines to follow when deciding on who to vote.

  • Vote according to your own rules. Is it a best of whatever? Is it Player vs Player or AI vs AI? You can choose, but always assume it is a fair fight.
  • Each troop and their rarity will be listed below. For exact stats, a link will be provided using @Lyya’s fantastic database application so you can see exactly what each troop can do, how strong they are, and other bonuses they may receive.
  • All troops are fully traited as well, so keep this in mind as it may not be reflected in the list.

With that, let’s get onto the matches!

First Round: #4 ladyhawke vs. #13 irishfury187

User: @ladyhawke

Banner: Frozen Banner (+2 Blue Matches, +1 Purple Match, -1 Red Match)

Troops and Position:
Bone Dragon (Mythic)
Dust Devil (Rare)
Giant Spider (Ultra Rare)
Psion (Legendary)



User: @irishfury187

Banner: Dwarven Banner (+2 Brown Matches)

Troops and Position:
Rock Worm (Common)
Black Beast (Mythic)
Dokkalfar (Epic)
Keeper of Souls (Legendary)


  • ladyhawke
  • irishfury187

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POLL ENDS: SUNDAY 6/12/16 at 12PM Central Time

1 VS 16
2 VS 15
3 VS 14
4 VS 13
5 VS 12
6 VS 11
7 VS 10
8 VS 9

Good luck one and all!

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This is a tough choice, both have summoners and both can in theory have giant spider but one is covering 5 colors with one troop and the other is able to change the troop order. Both can make skulls and both can replace their first troop if need be and both (in theory) have target damage.

And it’s over! Congratulations to @ladyhawke and thanks to @irishfury187 for playing.

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