The 3rd GoW Forum Fantasy Series - Round 1: 8 vs 9

Welcome one and all to the Gems of War Forum Fantasy contest, series 3! Everyone is welcome to vote in each match and your vote will determine who wins and advances on to the next round. Here are some guidelines to follow when deciding on who to vote.

  • Vote according to your own rules. Is it a best of whatever? Is it Player vs Player or AI vs AI? You can choose, but always assume it is a fair fight.
  • Each troop and their rarity will be listed below. For exact stats, a link will be provided using @Lyya’s fantastic database application so you can see exactly what each troop can do, how strong they are, and other bonuses they may receive.
  • All troops are fully traited as well, so keep this in mind as it may not be reflected in the list.

With that, let’s get onto the matches!

First Round: #8 Synergy vs. #9 kzinitwife

User: @Synergy

Banner: Orc’s Banner (+1 Red Match, +1 Brown Match)

Troops and Position:
Luther (Epic)
Nobend Brothers (Epic)
Terraxis (Epic)
Venbarak (Epic)



User: @kzintiwife

Banner: Sword’s Banner (+1 Blue Match, +1 Yellow Match)

Troops and Position:
Sacred Guardian (Epic)
Shadow-Hunter (Epic)
Proud Hunter (Epic)
Marilith (Epic)


  • Synergy
  • kzinitwife

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POLL ENDS: SUNDAY 6/12/16 at 12PM Central Time

1 VS 16
2 VS 15
3 VS 14
4 VS 13
5 VS 12
6 VS 11
7 VS 10
8 VS 9

Good luck one and all!

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for taking damage:
the first troop has a 25% skull damage reduction,
2nd troop has 20% chance of dodging,
and 3rd pride hunter cant be targeted.

sacred guardian will add 2 points to a stat on all my troops, and since he cannot be entangled will be able to always
use his skull attack, he also gets a 25% skull match reduction.

Shadow hunter will get 1 blue on matchs and +1 magic from hunter
Pride hunter will give shadow hunter and himself +2 life, and will also get +2 magic from himself and marilith
Marilith gives all +2 attack, we will get red bonus on matchs, and +1 attack each time she takes damage.

So I will get bonus mana on blue+2, yellow, red

for the play itself,
try to get guardin or pride charged as fast as possible. The reason is to cut through 11 to 13 points of armor on luther.
The pride hunter will silence luther and doing between 11 and 13 points of damage and prevent him from gaining blue and brown.
next to try to fill is shadow hunter because the others should be close to no armor and this will let her rip through some
armor and hp. (she should target venbrek because of luthers previous damage.
I will try to keep guardian full so that as his hp/armor gets lower, he can heal his armor, while merilith picks up the green
gems and does exploding with regular true damage added in

His team:
Will try to target teraxis and venbrek first, and luther or the first position with pride hunter. because of the goblins random nature,
overall exposes my team to the least risk/damage threat and will go last.


First +3 all stats and 25% skull damage reduction
second 20% chance to dodge
Traxxis adds+2 attack on the invading side of things
venbarak brings in the addition of reducing the amount of mana, his team will collect if rngesus is on my side.

For the play itself…
focus on filling luther and traxxis casting either one when full so the chaos can begin to fill the air in the anticipation of the carnage that will ensue shortly after a cast or 2 of Luther, when Kzintiwife learns that my team don’t like taking fingers when we can take limbs. The Fantastic Nobend Brothers while seemingly cute and docile will pop in and out of the picture taking all that attack power those fellars over there have managed to muster together, knowing the minute they think there ready will knowingly change plans and damage them all when they least expect it. While at the bottom of my lineup whose will be sitting there sleeping in a dormant slumber as he lays there in wait just biding his time to step forth and launch an attack that will be sure to cut off there mana supply and their hopes at the same time.

All troops gain +2 life
traxxis gives all troops+2 attack on invading side, gives bonus red feeds goblin
venbarak gives bonus purple feeding itself
banner gives +1 red / +1 brown

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And it’s over! Congratulations to @kzintiwife and thanks to @Synergy for playing.

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