That late game moment when __________


That late game moment when all your cards are legendary and mythic.


How in the world did you master that?


And I thought this was one of those “late night moment” posts.


At least it gives you more time to fix up typos on your Banner descriptions… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


OMG! How can you . . . . What will you ever . . . . I feel so . . . . I hope you can . . . .

Hyperventilating between sobs of emotion. :angry:


Ture damage is much stronger than true damage. :stuck_out_tongue:


…I will aspire to be like you senpai!


And I’m just happy I’ve finally upped all my troops to Epic today. (That epic Rocket Goblin took far too long to get!)


How is that team performing?


It is decent. I have about 6 different PvP builds that I switch between depending on the opponent. The build shown there I use for exp farming in Khetar and for PvP matches where all of the enemy is 22 hp or lower per troop.


Indeed, I have enough troops to do all that ascension (possibly would be short on 1-2 recent epics), but definitely have no patience to click through all that.

Wish we had a 1-button “ascent everything reserving 4 copies” facility.


The 1.08 just recently got released, so actually nobody knew that we should saved the troops, and hitted most faces after most already descended their cards, before the patch. Its not even possible if you spended 1000 of hours in the game to ascend every troop to mythic. So basically, you have spended a lot of cash?


Thou shalst not doubt, eika86-san.

Some people might have stored a sh*tload of iron and magic keys before 1.08 - thus getting the keys transformed into 10000ish gold and glory keys. Imagine the amount of troops you can get from 10000ish keys.

Another thing that might work is searching not for the word “epic” but for " epic" which I guess wouldnt find anything making it look like all creatures are of greater rarity. But as I said, “thou shalst not doubt!”


I had mass disenchanted my cards on a regular basis, before 1.0.8’s ascension feature was hinted at. I think the hint dropped about a month before the patch. At that point, I started saving multiples.

I had around 40-50 of each common saved up before 1.0.8. Since 1.0.8, I’ve been playing PvP to farm gold and buying gold keys. By buying gold keys in bulk, I have plenty of minor traitstones, and most of my commons are now Mythic. The rares are all legendary.

My Epic and Legendary troops troops are mostly all still at their base rarity.

So, no, you don’t need to spend real currency. You can ascend them through lots of play.


I have 8 epic troops left to ascend, then all troops will be legendary o mythic.
I haven’t spended an €.

@Tacet: gratz!!!


Huh. It never occurred to me that one could put rarities into that filter. Useless now that I’m nearly in the same boat though…


I just succesfully searched for “magic link” and indeed got all the troops having that trait… Not sure how many already know this.


Thats not what I meant. Not all your epics and Legendaries are mythic yet- which is the ultra hard part, to get base epics and base legendary to mythic. I was talking about them whom have all mythics. But yeah, well done! :smiley:


Like I said


Love your team. :slight_smile: