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You do[n't] want to see this [joke]

This will be the best screenshot of the year, by far, ingenious from far too many angles.

They did keep they word - they buffed the black beast with both the game-play and visual perspective this patch! :smile:



Thats why I dont expect devs to bring new versions any more, for we just have enough bugs and imbalances unsolved before it.

The plan of the devs is pretty simple: game is 3 years old, they want to move on to another project so they sabotage Gems.


So I been playing since February. I suppose I missed most of the fun huh? Im level 870. When I hit 1000 I may as well quit. And I never even achieved pulling a base Mythic.

Fun is where you find it. I like building decks for specific purposes. Sure it helps to have more troops, but it can be a fun challenge to work with a more limited set also. Arena is pretty neat for that reason, though these days you really need Dawnbringer to beat all the other Dawnbringer users :neutral_face:

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rofl that was a very black beast :rofl:
too bad the buff was only temporary :stuck_out_tongue:

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