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Thanks for the Frost Archer, but

I refuse to use code because bunnies don’t understand binary.:triumph: Or how to use converters…

Really? I have no idea what you mean. I mean, Salty didn’t see anything odd there, did she?
But yeah I hope she picks one of those cute pictures as new art reference picture if one needs to be picked… I vote for the third one.:smirk::rabbit:

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Yes discourse this is what I want to post.


Regarding the Arctic Fox art, the final image is sufficiently different from the reference photo, with elements either added or altered.

For now, this art will remain in game. If we choose to change this or update the art in the future I will keep you informed. :slight_smile:

Yeah forget about the copyright talk, who cares. What matters is that it is damn ugly, if you change it it should be to make it more pleasing on the eye.

I thought about making a poll - how many people found that picture ugly. But if the devs want to keep it…

I think you would be flogging a dead fox by making a poll :laughing:

All cute pictures and funny talk aside, I find this problematic.
I am not an artist myself, but have been part of artist communities before. I remember a case where someone made a gif of a jumping frog by tracing copyrighted pictures and got absolute hell for it despite the result (drawn animation vs. several photos) being something rather different than the source.

There is a difference between using a reference and tracing an image. If I wanna draw a rabbit, I can take several pictures as references to see how the anatomy is from different angles, how bunnies generally sit, how their fur is colored and grows… and I think that’s normal. If you wanna draw something, looking at that something - be it a photo, a drawing, a movie-character - is something you need to do. Using references is normal.

But tracing the outlines of an image is not. That’s not using a reference, that’s downright copying an image. Not only is it unprofessional (because you’re either lazy or just not able to draw anatomy correctly by yourself, which is okay and not a crime, but then you shouldn’t be a professional artist working for money), but it is copying and here, in this case, there’s even a copyright on the actual image, so no one can claim they just took it themselves or whatever.

As for “the image is different”: Actual example of real life stuff. There was a costume contest in a German city a few years ago. The guy who originally won was afterwards accused of cheating because someone had found the same costume online on ebay, sold by a company in china mass-producing them. The winner protested, urging the judges to check his costume. Turns out he had changed the hem of the sleeves, adding a few bits and seams of his own, but the rest of the costume was 98% the original. He lost his title and got banned from all further competitions because using an existing product and changing just a tiny little thing to make it “his own creation” isn’t really an own creation. It’s using other people’s work and just basically writing your signature under it.

And that’s what I see here as well. Unprofessional behavior through and through and that this is supported and approved by the devs - no matter if it is actually a copyright-infringement or not - is something I just cannot support. If someone would steal my novels and just change all the names and looks of the characters, but keep the exact plot, I would be so, so, so furious. So yeah, this here is really, really ticking me off, tbh.

Just wanted to get this out of my system, rant over.


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I’m going to take a nap now so maybe I’m just too tired to understand, but… I guess I really don’t understand how binary code is related to the topic here.:cold_sweat: I mean, that’s a converter, much like the one I used to convert the other stuff posted in binary above and I already didn’t get why that was in binary in the first place, so I’m obviously just missing a really crucial point here (likely because I never really… understood binary? Too much math and thinking involved) that makes these things related to the thread… like, I converted this binary, but how is that even related to my quote? I…feel so dumb.:cry: Especially since I think this is a really serious topic here and I’m not sure how making reading posts so difficult really helps the matter here. But again, this might absolutely be just me because I’m not getting it. Everyone else seems to, after all, given how many people here posted binary… sorry for being so dumb and not understanding your posts. :confounded:

It would help you understand the sillyness we were doing in the other posts (It was just a joke i made and people went with it.) and maybe sooth things a little for you. But take your rest, later you can check it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Salty’s reply is exactly what a lawyer would advise a client to say if faced with accusations of infringement. I don’t exactly expect her, as the public face of the company, to admit it looks suspicious. But I did want to squeeze the company line out of her.

I do hope that on the back end, where they can’t tell us what’s happening, there have been discussions with whatever slave labor art farm was contracted (I have trouble believing this art came from their usual pool of artists) about whether the contract will continue.

I’ve received better commissions for $15 from high school kids on DA. I hope GoW paid less than about $8-$10 for this. If they paid in the $50 range, they should hit me up. I know some very talented people that’d love to put a professional credit on their portfolio and are much cheaper.


So, i really didn’t think it was all that horrible until I clicked on the picture and saw the full card…I mean, what?! Those legs…those proportions…arrrrrggggg!!!

It really, really is bad.