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Request for Lyya to redo the Art work for Frost Archer

I would like to float the idea to have @Lyya redo the art work for Frost Archer. I know this hasn’t been done before in Gems. But there is something off with the original… I would love to see something else. Please make this happen behind the scenes, and surprise me in 3.5.


PS: Lyya is great

Edited the original title due to 4 Doppelbocks at the bar😁


They actually did do something similar to this in the past, but it was not from a player’s contribution. Ice Witch had a weird lighting issue that was then replaced with different troop art about a month after release.

Definitely behind the idea of replacing Frost Archer. :smiley:


It physically hurts to look at Frost Archer. I cringe every time I see her next to other troop art that has come out this year. The art style is completely inconsistent to the point it is jarring.


+100 to this :smile:


I thought Naga Queen had dibs on getting her art reworked

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Gra and JR, I’m with you both on this!

This won’t ever happen, sorry.

I’d sooner see Reaver get reworked. That’s annoyed me for 3.5 years. Sadly won’t happen either.

Not everyone is beautiful in real life, it just reflect the reality :stuck_out_tongue: