Art feedback

From the art for shentang being copied from someone else’s work then being made to alter it… From kraken not being colored right at all… Hard color line dividing the kraken… not it’s anatomical coloring… To this massive mistake on todd greenwood… His arrow pulled all the way back ready to fly… But the arrow clearly not on the bowstring at all… Such a glaring mistake… Why is the arrow ready to fly but not on the string???

I know I left out quite a few other mistakes in the artwork… But those 3 are most prominent

How hard is it to make sure the art is right before oking it?

I’ve changed the title of this thread to remove the insult.

Please keep it respectful in future.

Your feedback is valid, but let’s focus on the problem, not indviduals.

I didn’t see it as an insult… It’s a persistent problem… And quite literally consistently “overlooked”.


Matters of artistic opinion are … well, mostly opinion. Not that they can’t be unfounded … here are some of my critiques about troop art:

  • Militiaman is an obvious repaint of Man-at-Arms. Which makes me suspicious enough to inspect Eleanor, Mysterious Hero and Guardian Dragon but they seem to be genuinely new illustrations (even if Eleanor is posed similarly to Queen Ysabelle).
  • Mechamare’s front left leg is aligned perfectly tangent with the contour of its chest making the leg difficult to spot (i.e. at a glance it appears to have only 3 legs not 4).

@Kafka … There is no need to lie about my feedback… Or any other player’s feedback being important to ANY dev… This will go unsolved, ignored, scoffed at… Like every other issue in this game.

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