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Thanks for literally destroying the arena

Now i can get anger management therapy again.

1: You’re forced to use crude club again. No other selection possible.
2: Your card choices are extremely conflicting despite being HARDCODED (if you exit and restart the game before you selected the deck you get the exact same choices) youll have valkyrie cards without other blues in it, youll have alchemist cards without other yellows in it etc…
3: Rewards have been wrecked, totally wrecked… there is NO reason anymore whatsoever to get 8 wins in the arena to get a measly 3 glory keys, are you kidding me… time-reward wise this is garbage.
4: Enemy teams are consistently synergetic and often gain latest update cards while your selection is utter basic version 10/10.

Thanks for ruining yet another facet of this game that was one of the few things i still enjoyed.

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Although this is what comes up, you can change this by clicking on the card and you can change it to any weapon you have unlocked. Not a bad change.

Yeah the rewards are pretty low, but I noticed this on a low difficulty setting, they might be higher on the higher difficulty settings (but you have to stay on the same difficulty the whole way through or it will take the lower difficulty setting).

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I thought this until I saw the ‘press triangle to change weapon’ text. So at least you can have something decent. I play on normal as the troops tend to be far too underpowered for higher levels. Also it makes me laugh when it asks you at the end if you want to pay 230 gems for a goblin, peasant and a skeleton!
I personally don’t enjoy the arena and only play it when it’s a task.

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Yeah, I believe that option in there to “help” new players. Exactly what every new player has: an extra 230 Gems (for a single copy of Goblin!)

That really needs changing. I’m only a few Skeletons from mythic but I still wouldn’t use gems for that!

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Cant believe i forgot about that, yeah that adds insult to injury… And difficulty shouldnt even exist in the arena since you have no say in if youre going to win or not whatsoever based on my other points. Decks are 10/10 terrible, enemy decks are 10/10 synergetic. Why the heck would i ever play on anything higher than normal with a deck consisting out of shitty (always lower than enemy) hero card, alchemist, thrall and a goddamn warsphinx (and those were the GOOD cards out of the static selection the rest was so terrible i wouldnt even level them at all untill i have to for the kingdom bonus, and yes there was not a single yellow card amongst those selections either but atleast alchemist would give board control instead of literally nothing and no i didnt know you could switch weapon by clicking the hero card, nothing ever told me i could)

Rewards for arena have gotten so poor that even when I get a task to complete the arena, I almost always skip it. Before at least you could increase the difficulty to Warlord IV for better reqards and the enemy stats would not increase, now they actually increase and it’s almost impossible to win on higher difficulties unless you get incredibly lucky with your team. Ultimately I won’t be playing arena any time soon unless rewards become actually worth it.

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I honestly liked using the Crude Club. Just play whack-a-mole with the first dummy opponent as soon as the red mana fills up. Then move on to the next one. My allies were decent at the time. Most oftentimes they are. I have noticed with the previous update how the game allows each team to have the same race, mana color, or kingdom troop. Doesn’t make sense to do that if traits, hero classes, and kingdom bonuses are not involved in Arena. These troops should just be randomly generated, but they are not anymore. The player is stuck with his/ her three choices for allies. The computer player assembles a team from another random hero which itself is debatable since I’ve fought the same hero two or three times when progressing the Arena ladder. One would think that the player pool for Arena should be more widespread compare to PvP. Should be many different heroes for the computer to choose from. For some reason, that’s not so.

Anyway, the synergy is not there for show. There must be some bonus allowed with it just like it use to be when traits were allowed to work in Arena. Haven’t you noticed the mana surges favor the computer player moreso than before? Meanwhile, you barely get any until you wipe out half their team. Very predictable. Like the difficulty level alone isn’t enough to make it challenging. In fact, the difficulty level is ridiculously lopsided even for new players who can not really win at Warlord IV to get the most rewards. Why even allow such a thing if its impossible to achieve by design? It would be okay if your hero and your allies had a monster bonus one level below the computer’s. Meaning, your team would get Warlord III while the enemy team gets Warlord IV when playing at Warlord IV. I think adding that would make a nice bandaid for the game mode until the devs fixed that up.

For now, being able to choose a different weapon while going up the ladder is an improvement. I hope that’s not a bug. Please leave it alone! Ignore the boy scouts around here. lol