Text bugs on Medals will confuse everyone

The wording of the Cedric and Anu medals/badges appears to be straight-out wrong. From all reports, they simply do not behave in a manner that matches the text. This is going to confuse the hell out of everyone and needs to be fixed by the end of the week. I would call it “sloppy,” but then I’d sound like a broken record.

Since you seem to need it, allow me to help you word it accurately:

“+x% chance to Cleanse each Troop when my turn begins”
needs to be changed to one of the following (depending how it actually works):
“One x% chance to each Troop to Cleanse at the start of my turn”
“One x% chance to Cleanse all Troops at the start of my turn”
“One extra x% chance to each Troop to Cleanse at the start of my turn”
“One extra x% chance to Cleanse all Troops at the start of my turn”
“+1 chance for each Troop to Cleanse at the start of my turn, at x% chance”
“+1 chance for all Troops to Cleanse at the start of my turn, at x% chance”
“Each Troop gets one extra x% chance to Cleanse at the start of my turn”

“+20% Starting Mana”
desperately needs changing to:
“20% Starting Mana for all Troops”
(Seriously, how on Earth did the ‘+’ get through testing?!)

Oh, and for consistency, “Troops” should be capitalised on all the other Badges/Medals.

PS: I feel it’s becoming increasingly more difficult, with every update, to write these bug reports without judgement, bafflement and immense frustration. I know you don’t appreciate the tone that arises as a result, but I’m only human.


I am glad that I am not the only one who noticed this.


Maybe the medal stacks with other mana traits?

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Yep. The wording implies it stacks with itself and other Mana-start traits. But the devs have repeatedly and unwaveringly said it will not stack at all. That’s why I find it so astonishing that it’s worded the way it is.


So, funny thing. In an early beta build, the Cedric medal was bugged and actually did add percentages when multiples were stacked. It was hilarious going through battles and literally never worrying about status effects, with my 120% chance to cleanse every turn!

More on-topic, Gems of War has always had a tenuous relationship with mathematical operations. Delves still write the treasure multiplier bonus in an absurd manner. And those are much, much older than the new medal system.


In a related note, can someone post what happens if you equip 3 badges/medals of Anu? It would be lousy to give players a totally useless option like that for just those medals.

(It would be nice if each successive 20% for a medal applied to the balance of mana after the first 20%, would result in ~50% mana start if you stacked 3. Don’t know if this would be too much of a pain to code factoring in existing fast start troops though.)

You get 20% starting mana (if none is appiled anyway) no matter how much you equip. Its the worst medal in the game


Says it wont stack with troops that give starting mana. Not sure about multiple medals though, and dont have any to test lol

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I agree with @Sipalman that a 20% Mana start is pretty pointless. Double that might have been useful.

As to “worst” Medal, that depends on how you look at it. Cedric is definitely the most disruptive Medal, threatening to annihilate huge swathes of the PvP and Guild Wars meta. In order to believe this is a “good thing,” you would have to believe that meta was fundamentally broken (and I don’t mean just one or two teams). I think it would be very difficult to make that argument.

But that’s really a discussion for a different kind of thread. :smiley:

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Thanks for the suggestion, I’ve moved this to the Feature requests & Game Feedback section


It’s also worth noting that when the Medal of Any is equipped, your troops or hero will take the highest starting bonus mana available.

Yeah, it was confusing at first, but when I started seeing how it operated, I realized that the medal was giving each troop a separate chance to cleanse themself at the start of each turn. So one troop might cleanse themselves, or three. The “+” sign makes it look like it’s adding on to something already in place though, as if equipping two of them would be 80% (you know, 40% PLUS 40%). But really it’s just that all numbers when they add stats to troops start with a + to show it’s an addition to the troop.

So yes I think it’s confusing for new players the most. I think a great way to phrase it might be:

“When my turn begins, each troop has a 40% chance to be cleansed.”

Yeah its good to know but we dont know in the game!

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@Kafka - Thank you for seeing this are responding.

However, I don’t understand why you would move the thread to “Feedback”. By almost any definition, this is a bug and a bug report.

I fear that you’re moving it is an indication that you don’t think it’s very serious or deserves a high priority. If that is so, I feel that you’ve misunderstood what I was saying, as well as the impact it has on players. As a result, I feel you may be dismissing our concerns and I feel betrayed by that.

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I finally thought of a good wording for “Medal of Cedric”:

One extra x% chance to Cleanse each Troop when my turn begins


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