Badge of Anu bugged?

Badge of Anu is not giving mana to the hero, and is only providing a +5% mana increase to the other troops with 2 badges equipped. Despite the medal trait screen confirming 2 individual +5% bonuses.

Bugged or intended?

Is your get hero starting with a Mana boost outside of the badge?
Mana boosts don’t stack so it’s pointless to equip 2. You only get credit for one.

No I removed all other boosts to truly test the badges

Are you sure the hero class you used in the test didn’t have a trait or perk that gives starting mana? Because I heard that you don’t get the mana badge bonus if the troop or hero already has some other source of starting mana.

My hero is starting with 0 Mana

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What weapon are you using and is 5% of the cost even more than 1?

Working fine for me on PS4 for my hero. I’m using Corsair so no mana starting bonus

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It doesn’t work on my hero with any weapon or class without a starting bonus.

Always at 0

Starting mana is truncated. To have starting mana at 1, you need a weapon/troop with at least 1/0.05= 20 mana.

And 2 badges dont stack, they only give 5%. In other words, badge of anu is worthless.


Ah, Anu. Putting the “arse” in players’ arsenals since the staff came out in 2015.