Captain Macaw mechanics

Hello guys, here to talk about new legendary troop, captain macaw, and his third trait. It looks like just a regular 50% manabooster for the rogues in this case, but actually he is kinda different from other similar troops like urskula or king Avelorn. His trait sais “give 50% mana to all rogue allies when battle begins”. Any other troop giving 50% starting mana have trait which saying “All (trooptype) start battle with 50% mana”. Feel the difference? My thoughts was, he adding 50% maximum mana capacity of the rogue type troop to whatever number he already has at the start of the battle, boosted by medal of anu or some class’s talents.
Well, i’ve tested it with medal of anu and it basically behaves like every other manaboosting troop, it gives 50% starting mana instead of 70%, which is quite normal, i know that multiple medals of Anu do not stack with eachother and with hero talents like inspiration. The question is why Macaw’s trait sounds differently and kinda confusing (for me at least)? Maybe devs testing a new mechanic and just didn’t fully implement it yet, or its just a typo of some sort?
What do you guys think?

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Oh, looks like it’s a common issue in this game, strange that i didnt notice this before. Thank you!


I remember that in last Devs Q&A Nimhain told about this problem - the whole problem of different wording in spells and traits. And also told that she was working on this.